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Headscratchers / 10 Things I Hate About You

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  • Why is the English Teacher Mr. Morgan such a jerkass to Kat?
    • He's short-tempered and, in fairness, she's rather pretentious at points.
      • "At points" meaning "The entire fucking movie?"
    • This troper got the impression that he wasn't very fond of his students in general, and the implication was that Kate had been soapboxing in his class for a while, all while he himself had an ax to grind on the race aspect of their readings (as opposed to Kate always talking about the feminist issues).
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    • Not to mention that Kat, let's be fair, isn't the most ingratiating person herself.
    • It's also interesting since this movie isn't exactly a social justice-driven movie, that Mr. Morgan calls Kat out on "white feminism" a good ten years before it was a more common thing to do. Kat, while she has a big chip on her shoulder regarding the treatment of women, is ultimately a spoiled, upper-middle-class girl who doesn't have (in Mr. Morgan's eyes) that many problems. For a black man in what looks to be a white-dominated school, seeing kids who cry oppression when they've never even experienced anything close to it (just look at the White Rastas), he's basically calling bullshit. He's the realist.
  • How did Bianca and Chastity, who had never rehearsed together, do a fully choreographed duet? I mean, I know they were doing the same song, but they weren't doing the same dance. And why did the school just let them randomly change their routines?
  • Patrick refuses to kiss a drunk Kat, and in response, Kat ignores him until he does a Grand Romantic Gesture. It might be understandable that she's hurt and irritated, and I'm not suggesting she should be falling over herself thanking him, but this really isn't something anyone, especially a proud feminist, should be punishing him for. Once she sobered up, whatever her other issues with him, her own principles should come into play: 1. no one should be punished for refusing to kiss someone, and 2. a boy refused to kiss a girl who was in a mind-altered state. Even if she had enough coherency to make the decision she wanted to kiss him, intoxicated people sometimes do things they end up regretting once sober. He didn't make any attempts to control her sexuality, nor was he unkind or shaming in refusal. He simply didn't do something with someone who may or may not have been able to fully process what was happening and that she might have regretted doing once fully able to process it.
    • I think that this was intentional, actually. Look at how dead-set she is on her views and assumptions of people. That's her comfort zone. Patrick not conforming to the mold that she placed him in makes her just as irritated (if not more) than if he HAD.
    • Also, she's a teenager. Few of us were entirely rational and reasonable with all our social interactions while swimming an hormone soup.


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