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  • So Sawa can't get into a Japanese equestrian school because of her weight. Fine, but why then would a foreign school accept her? No matter how you look at it, Sawa simply is too tall and heavy to become a jockey. That doesn't preclude her from pursuing other jobs dealing with horses, but for those she wouldn't have needed to go abroad.
    • Solution: Sawa is 163cm tall (still slightly below average for American girls her age) and using anime logic where the BMI for 'normal' girls are borderline anorexic, Sawa's weight (including her assets) would be around 47 kg. Thus, foreign schools, particularly ones that usually accepts Caucasian girls, will accept Sawa with no question asked.
  • And why would Sawa only find out about this issue in her last year of high school? As a horse fanatic she should have known this a long time already.
  • How could the school's chairman actually be able to push through the closing and renovation of the school? There are strict rules for closing down schools, especially in Japan, if only to give parents enough time to relocate their children to other schools.
    • Taking Love Live as precedent, it is fully possible to close schools within three years given the irrefutable fact (as of 2015) that birthrate in Japan is plummeting and as a result, there is no need for as much schools as, say, post-war era. How? Simply by not accepting new students (leaving the current first-year students as last student of that school). The students' record would probably be transferred into local education board.
  • Nobody really seems to care about what happens to that poor principal. Mind you, the man has constantly helped Konatsu's club, and he has ruined his retirement so his students can perform a half-hour musical. He deserves some sympathy, at least.


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