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Headscratchers / Tales of Destiny 2

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Eye of Atamoni plot hole?

  • So... What happened to the Eye of Atamoni? Tales of Destiny 2 makes it pretty clear that without Chaltier's Heroic Sacrifice, it can't have been destroyed, as it would just overwhelm the five remaining Swordians' power. But without Fortuna there's no Judas, and without Judas Chaltier wouldn't have any way of getting out of the flooded mine and where he needed to be... So either there's some serious Timey-Wimey Ball stuff going on, or Fortuna still exists, since the Eye must have somehow been shut down.

Karell's stupid death

  • Is there any reason Atwight suddenly grabbed onto a massive Idiot Ball and suffered enough Cutscene Incompetence to forget she was a Combat Medic and should at least try healing her friend who just got stabbed? She didn't necessarily have to succeed, but it would have been nice to at least see her trying to do her job.

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