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Headscratchers / Tales from the Borderlands

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New entries on the bottom. Spoilers, naturally.

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    Tector is alive no matter what? 

  • You can kill him and his Hodunk clan in Borderlands 2, so how is he alive in Tale of the Borderlands?
    • It's an optional sidequest.
    • Some lines later on imply that, canonically, the Vault Hunters sided with the Hodunks during that questline.


    Heroic Sacrifice 

  • Is it actually possible for Sasha's Heroic Sacrifice to stick? This very wiki says it's possible, but I have yet to see anyone describe it anywhere else, or see a video of Sasha dying for real. I don't think it's even possible to lose Felix's gift for Sasha unless I missed something, so I am just confused.

    Athena at Hollow Point 

  • So...what did exactly happen, regarding Athena, in the 'Rhys and Vaughn go to Hollow Point' timeline? The Stranger says that Loader Bots can't grab Vault Hunters and hurl them like it was nothing. And since the Stranger is Loader Bot, then we can be pretty certain that Fiona was lying about that. Did they actually escape via Grenade, like in the other version, or did Athena just pull back when Loader Bot showed up?
    • Something completely anticlimactic, like your latter scenario, so she felt it was necessary to embellish.

    Dead Crimson Lance in the Gortys building 
  • Fiona surmises that it was Athena who killed the Crimson Lances inside the building. The question is: when? The bodies look completely fresh and the blood on the floor is apparently wet enough to make splashing noises when Vaughn steps into it... yet the building was not only abandoned for years, Athena also wasn't anywhere in the vicinity to kill those guys in a timeframe where their bodies and blood would be still fresh.
    • Remember that we're dealing with the Unreliable Narrator trope in full force for this story. Pretty much anything that happens before the final showdown in Part Five is likely embellished somehow.

    Villains beating the party to the Gortys building 
  • How the hell did Vasquez and August with their mercs get inside the building before the party?! Rhys had to go through a bunch of busywork to get the place to even rise to the surface, yet the bad guys were already inside! When did they get in? And how? The power junctions on the outside had to be found/repaired for the building to even show itself, so the only possible way this could have happened if they fixed the power, got in and then had someone on the outside reset the power junctions and/or hide them for no reason whatsoever!
    • Which version of the tale is this? In the "Rhys goes to Hollow Point" version it's fairly clear that Vasquez, August, and the mercs came in through the door that the party opened.
    • They didn't, they came in behind after they opened the facility. Which is why they are behind them.

    Senior Vice Janitor 
  • Wouldn't this actually be a very sought-after job? In the Borderlands universe all trashcans and toilets are filled with money and ammo (and sometimes even weapons; there are tales of Unkempt Harolds dropping from the weirdest of places due to RNG). Not only that, in TFTBL it was explicitly stated through ECHO Eye analysis that this is not a case of Gameplay and Story Segregation, it is an documented in-universe fact even on Helios... so wouldn't Janitors be some of the most well-armed and loaded people in the setting?
    • I don't think Vasquez thought that far, all he cared about was foiling Rhys. Speaking of which, he probably wanted to get back at Vasquez in a more direct fashion than "picking through the garbage." And besides, imagine the abuse he'd cop from the other Hyperion snobs once it got out that he was shunted into janitorial.
    • Actually, an echo eye item description thing claims that the amount of valuable trash is, for some reason, not actually helping janitors. Doesn't say how or why.
    • Because the janitors are lying about how much, exactly, they pick up from the garbage. That's pretty explicable to me.
    • Pandoran toilets sure. Most likely not Helios toilets.

     Message 2 General Pollux 
  • Why in heaven would General Pollux have made his message accessible only by his retinal scan? That was basically asking someone to cut his eyes out like Fiona did.
    • Two thing I think we can gather, just from the main games, is that 99.994% of everyone in the Borderlands universe is psychotic and morally challenged, and that forethought and commonsense tends to take a nose dive once you get around Pandora.
    • Presumably, the retinal scanner only required an eye with clearance-not necessarily his own. He never expected a group of burgeoning Vault Hunters to find the scanner, then decide to use his eye to pass it. Likewise, he didn't anticipate that whoever found him would not know he was in a stasis pod.
    • Atlas procedure must be assigned as such to review logs first before all else. He was expecting people from Atlas to find him.

     Second Gortys piece location 
  • Rhys seems to know where to look for Gortys' leg upgrade, implying that he remembers where it landed based on a rock formation. Playing the game all the way through, this makes no sense. He has not seen Gortys since Helios, and Fiona has not seen her since she "killed" her.
    • If memory serves, that formation was caused from a chunk of a mountain being blown through from impact. Once they were in the general area, Rhys guessed trajectory of where something might have fallen from Helios through that mountain and to the ground.

     Felix, the case, and his alternate fates. 
  • If you warn Felix about the case and try to recruit him for the final boss fight later, it turns out he knew about the bomb, disarmed it, and stashed the money. If that's true, then in playthroughs where you don't warn him, why does he die? He didn't have to be warned about the bomb to realise it was there and disarm it the first time, so I don't buy that he just forgot about it...
    • Probably just a case of Schrödinger's Gun.
    • Felix also explains that he intended to take the fall for the money. Quite possible he intended to blow himself up on purpose rather than subject himself to possible torture by Vallory.

     Helios crashing into Pandora 

  • Helios ends up crashing into Pandora after its propulsion is disabled by Rhys. Barring the fact that a station as colossal as Helios has to have more than one power core to shut down (like seriously, that station is as almost as big as Elpis, and has cities inside it. Its enormous) and it ends up crash landing on Pandora. Why didn't it crash into Elpis? It's far closer to the moon; in fact looking at it from Pandora shows that it basically blocks the view of the moon and it looks to be far more distant from Pandora. So shouldn't it pull towards Elpis instead?
    • There's a line just after the core malfunctions that says the thrusters have been activated. Either it was a glitch caused by everything going wrong or the station was intentionally designed to crash into Pandora in the event that it sabotaged which would fit with how big a dick Jack is.

    The hat sequence in chapter 4 

  • Maybe it's because I'm not a huge Borderlands player, but if you choose to trade hats in chapter 4 while on the way to Helios, Fiona turns off both their helmets and nonchalantly trades hats. How in God's name did they survive the vacuum of space?! She died when she opened the helmets, end of story!
    • No, you don't die just from turning off the helmets; otherwise The Pre-Sequel would have ended the moment Janie popped the hatch on your cargo pod. And aside from the fact that people can survive in vacuum for about a minute before suffering embolisms and asphyxiating, there's also Unreliable Narrator at work.


    Athena's Eye/Voice Modulators 

  • So for first few times we see her in Chapter 2, Athena has glowing red eyes, likely cybernetic implants similar to what Rhys has, as well as speaking through a voice modulator. Yet after she reveals herself to be on your side in Chapter 3, she never uses them again. I can understand not using the voice changer, since it's likely just to help hide her identity and intimidate enemies, but why does she never use her eye implants again, even in dark spaces like the jungle bio-dome?