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  • On the 2012 game, why exactly would the DART be fueled by adrenaline? That's punishing agents who manage to keep a cool head under fire, while it rewards those who huddle in corner in panic. That might be Fridge Brilliance for giving an edge to those who actually need it, but the gameplay does not reflect this, as the DART is strictly fueled by enemy deaths. That can in no way correspond to adrenaline surges, as it fills up even when enemies are killed by hacked turrets on the other side of a wall.
    • Perhaps Agents are conditioned to experience a rush upon seeing enemies die? That might also explain why many of them are Ax-Crazy...
    • Adrenaline is a natural byproduct of any high-stress situation. Doesn't matter if the Agent is keeping a cool head or fleeing in terror. Adrenaline gets produced regardless.

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