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  • Why does Cappy have the appearance of Mario's hat when Mario captures something or throws him onto something? Shouldn't Cappy still have the appearance of whatever cap Mario is wearing when he does so?
    • Watsonian explanation: Maybe Cappy is so focused on capturing something or spinning around something that he can't maintain his alternative form and reverts to Mario's hat? Doylist explanation: Mario's bright red cap stands out in most environments, while some of the purchasable hats will sometimes blend in. The devs just didn't want the player to lose track of Cappy.
    • Adding to the Doylist explanation, the hats are different shapes and sizes which would result in Hitbox Dissonance.
  • The Crazy Cap flyer for Shiveria states that the Frost-Frosted Cake is very popular at weddings, but it also says that they're only given out as grand prizes for the Bound Bowl Grand Prix. How could they be a staple of weddings if only Shiverian champions can obtain them? Do the champions just give them out (or sell them) to people organizing weddings? Does someone who wants a Frost-Frosted Cake at their wedding search for a Shiverian champion, before he or she starts eating it, and offer a price?
    • On the right side of the flyer it says they'll need to convince a champion to give them their cake.
  • On the same subject, this cake is offered as the prize for winning the Bound Bowl Grand Prix at A-rank, but the elder mentions that they cannot offer it due to its theft and instead offers three Power Moons. But when you enter the S-rank Bound Bowl, the prize is a single Power Moon. Why does the lower-level competition offer significantly better prizes than the higher-level one?
    • They presumably gave you a big reward as compensation for not being able to claim the famous tourist attraction reward that one would most likely be racing to get.
    • ^ Pretty sure OP was asking why the cake would be the prize fir the lower cup, instead of the grand prize that only the best of the best can get.
    • One possibility is that a single Power Moon is the standard prize for winning a Bound Bowl race, regardless of rank, and when a Frost-Frosted Cake is made, the next race's prize will be that cake, again, regardless of rank. This time happens to be a time when the next race is a lower-ranked one. The reason the competitors aren't tougher in the lower-ranked one, my guess, is that Frost-Frosted Cakes are not a big deal in Shiveria as they are probably pretty common, and the racers would rather have Power Moons.
  • Why doesn't Pauline ever recognize Mario, considering he once saved her from a rampaging gorilla? It seems pretty clear that Donkey Kong is canon, considering the festival.
    • Because she hasn't seen him in 30 years?
    • Pauline does recognize Mario, it's just that he showed up at a bad time and she was focused more on the state of the city. Pauline does have a questionnaire with Mario where she mentions being "kidnapped by a giant ape," then asking Mario if he remembered that. She also mentions dropping her purse "on that terrible day" and not finding the time to buy a new one.
  • If New Donk City is the City That Never Leaps, is Mario being transgressive by leaping around all over the place?
    • Nah. After all, the city itself never leaps.
  • Once Bonneters travel around to other kingdoms, some of them can be found disguised as various citizens' hats. Would this give those citizens the ability to capture other beings without them realizing it?
    • Possibly, though they probably wouldn't be as good at it as Cappy — and even he has problems with some of the larger targets. Still, it would require the Bonneter to be willing in the first place, since without them there's no Cap in Cap-ture.
  • Why don't Peach and Tiara ever try to escape? Peach isn't tied up, so she should be able to jump off of Bowser's airship and sneak away while Bowser is busy fighting Mario in the Cloud Kingdom. Heck, she could even jump off of Bowser's airship in the opening cutscene - if she believes the fall might kill her, it probably killed Mario too, which means there's no one to rescue her and she might as well commit suicide anyway. The lack of escape attempts makes even less sense for Tiara. She's a ghost creature who can float, so why doesn't she just float away?
    • Kamek and his magikoopas. Junior. The Koopalings. Lakitus. Para-Koopas and the Flying Mook version that most other shock troops have. With the number of beings capable of flight and/or magic that were likely on or escorting the airship, any attempt by Peach to pull a Parasol Parachute into the open sky would've likely ended in her getting snatched again mid-flight, at which point she would get stuffed in a cage til the ceremony. Bowser often gives Peach a lot more leeway than he should, given her occasional bouts of plucky meddling, but Paper Mario showed that he's willing to get rough with her if he has to.
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    • If an unseen army of Mooks was on or escorting the airship, why didn't Bowser use them to intimidate Peach? Why didn't he have them attack Mario?
      • It seems to me that the idea of these hypothetical off-screen fliers is that they were intimidating Peach, and that's why she and Tiara didn't try to escape. As for not attacking Mario, Pride is a pretty consistent trait of Bowser's.
      • If Bowser was using his armies to intimidate Peach, why not at least have a few Mooks monitor her to remind her she's constantly being watched? And how come the armies are so far away that even the player never sees them either? A Doylist explanation would probably be "so that the player won't expect to fight them", but what in-universe reason would Bowser have to keep them so far away? More Pride, maybe?
      • Also, the fact that Bowser seems to harbor genuine, if slightly off affection for Peach, and doesn't want to directly intimidate her, so much as simply keep her from getting away. Also, Bowser seems to be of the opinion that Peach is, at the very least, somewhat interested in him, and would come around eventually
    • You're misunderstanding Mario, Bowser and Peach's relationship if you think Peach was that concerned about being rescued, or that she might rather die than stay captured. They do this stuff all the time, Peach is totally used to it.
  • How come Bowser hasn't sent the Ruined Dragon after Mario in any of the previous titles? After all, the Ruined Kingdom is LITERALLY the closest kingdom to Bowser's Castle.
    • The most likely answer is that he'd only recently found it. Just because the Ruined Kingdom is right next door to his kingdom doesn't necessarily mean he's always known about the Dragon. The thing was probably curled up in a cave among all the scorched earth for who knows how long.
  • How does the Odyssey leave or enter the Steam Gardens? The dome doesn't have any obvious holes in it, so how does the Odyssey not crash through it every time it enters or leaves?
    • Most likely answer is that it can automatically open and close if a ship gets close enough.
  • What was the purpose of the Mechawiggler exactly? It seems to be sucking up energy from New Donk City, so would that mean that Bowser was planning to use the energy of the power moons to power the wedding on the moon.
    • My best guess was that it was created and deployed into New Donk City to provide Mario trouble and to stall him. It's draining the city of power, so Mario, with his Chronic Hero Syndrome, would have to go rescue the New Donkers. Mario had just caught up to Bowser and almost wrecked his plans, so it'd be reasonable for Bowser to throw some mayhem behind him to gain a lead. If so, then it worked because Mario would not catch up to Bowser again until Bowser's Castle, and that's only because Bowser knew Mario was coming and let him catch up.
  • The Lochladies seem to live in some crumbling ruins. Why would they, a people known for artistic design, live in such a dilapidated environment? Were those structures theirs in the first place? Were they built by some predecessor civilization and the Lochladies moved in later? Do Lochladies even reside in those ruins, or do they just hang around there (and built a Crazy Cap branch into it)?
    • Maybe they like the vintage look of the crumbling ruins.
    • The staircase is later restored, so it could be assumed that they were just destroyed in the attack.
  • How did the taxi driver drive all the way to the Moon Kingdom?
    • If you look at the sky of New Donk City while using the Captured Binoculars, you will find flying cars, with sails attached to them. Maybe it had enough Moon Power to fly there, much like the Odyssey.
  • In the post-game, one of the costumes is Peach's wedding dress. Wasn't her dress actually the Lochlady Dress from the Lake Kingdom, since that's what Bowser sent the Broodals to get from there? It's possible that the costume you get is a copy of the dress, but the Lochladies in the kingdom treated the dress as if it was irreplaceable, so them making a copy doesn't seem too plausible.
    • The description literally calls it a replica. "A replica of Peach's wedding dress (though it did have to be altered a bit for Mario's measurements)" It's existence is also largely due to Rule of Funny. That said, if the Lochlady dress is well known enough, it's totally possible that there are copies of it made by other people, that's something that happens all the time in the real world. The Lochladies would likely turn their nose up at any copy of it because, well, they're copies, not the real thing at all.
  • Throughout the game we see Bowser's clawed footprints leading Mario around the path he took to get everything he needed for his wedding. How were these footprints made when he's wearing shoes for most of the game?
    • They probably pinch his toes and he has to take them off when he's not in actively-looking-spiffy mode. Alternatively: look at said shoes. They appear to be made out of bear traps. Maybe they spring open and have some other interesting function we didn't get to see.
    • Maybe he doesn't want to get his fancy shoes dirty when running around in sand or snow or whatever, and took them off while running around.
  • This may be a case of Gameplay and Story Segregation or MST3K Mantra, but it bears asking: how did Bowser get his wedding guests (all of whom are there against their will) to the Moon Kingdom? Even if he had the Broodals snatch up an NPC or two from each realm, that doesn't explain Mayor Pauline's presence—you can find her in the Metro Kingdom right up until the final world (and the citizens surely would have noticed Bowser coming back again...). Did Bowser go and collect everyone while Mario was fighting Madame Brood and navigating the lava caverns?
    • Maybe Kamek and the magikoopas teleported them all to the chapel?
  • During the first few minutes of the game, as you approach Top Hat Tower in the Cap Kingdom, you can see posters for Bowser and Peach's wedding. In the posters, Peach appears to be wearing the Lochlady Dress. However, the Cap Kingdom is the game's first kingdom, and Rango mentions that the Broodals already got the Lochlady Dress before his boss fight in the Lake Kingdom, meaning that the Broodals stole the Lochlady Dress. In the Cap Kingdom, where you see the Bowser & Peach wedding posters for the first time, the Broodals are at the top of Top Hat Tower, meaning they haven't stolen the dress yet. How did Bowser get the photo of Peach in the Lochlady Dress before he actually stole it?
    • It's never specified when the Broodals took each Kingdom's particular treasure—just that they "already got" it. The only one we see them steal is the Binding Band; all of the others could have been taken long before Mario got there. Bowser probably realized that Mario would chase him, and sent the Broodals to each location to taunt the plumber for being too slow to stop him. Alternatively, Bowser started by getting Peach the Lochlady Dress, which inspired him to start swiping the priceless items from other Kingdoms.
    • It's a poster so it is unclear if it is based on a photo or a painting it may have been manipulated. Since you visit the Cap Kingdom soon after Peach is kidnapped, and it is already full of posters they were probably made even before Peach was kidnaped. Alternatively, he could have used a replica dress as description of the Bridal Dress item tells us exist, before stealing the real thing later.
  • I'm unsure of the sequence of events in regards to the very start of the game. When explaining to Mario about Bowser kidnapping Tiara, Cappy flashes back to when Bowser put her on Peach's head. It's dark in the sky and there's smoke and fire around them, implying that this was as Bowser was attacking Bonneton. However, Peach was already with him at that time, yet the opening cutscene with Mario losing against Bowser, which clearly happens after this flashback, takes place right next to Peach's Castle and Peach clearly has Tiara on her head. Bowser must have kidnapped Peach, went to the Cap Kingdom, stole Tiara, and then went back to the Mushroom Kingdom. Why the second visit? If he wanted Mario out of the way, why not do it on his first visit? He'd have the element of surprise.
    • Perhaps calling the location "the skies above the Mushroom Kingdom" was a misleading choice on the part of the writers. After all Mario doesn't seem to be flung such a distance that he'd end up in another nation if they really were right above the Mushroom Kingdom at the time. Perhaps they were actually somewhere inbetween, where Mario somehow caught up to Bowser (who by then had gotten Tiara and was leaving the Cap Kingdom) and had the fight.
      • They're clearly right next to Peach's Castle in the opening and not somewhere between the Mushroom and Cap Kingdoms. "The skies above the Mushroom Kingdom" apparently means "10 feet above the Mushroom Kingdom".
    • The scene could be telling the story in Broad Strokes. It isn't literally what happened, but it does explain the details of the main story so players can understand what's happening.
  • After you defeat Bowser in the Moon Kingdom, and citizens from around the globe begin visiting, how come only the New Donker woman and the dog need to wear helmets? Everybody else is breathing fine, heck, even the New Donker man (the one bringing the Tostarenan tourist on a world tour) doesn't wear one when him and the Tostarenan come to the moon?
    • Clearly since everyone can breath in space in the Mario-verse, space helmets are nothing more than a fashion statement. What you should be asking is how and why such things were developed in the first place if everyone can breathe in space.
  • Why do New Donkers operate the souvenir shop in Bowser's Kingdom rather than Koopas? Koopas have been associated with Bowser since Super Mario Bros. and they already exist in game as friendly NPCs.
    • Perhaps they are too interested in Koopa Freerunning to run the shop. Also, i believe that the New Donkers that are there are there to check up on the Bowser's Kingdom branch, so perhaps they are helping out as it's too dangerous to leave at the minute, what with Bowser menacing around the world
  • WHY can the Odyssey be only repaired with Power Moons acquired in the locale where it crash-landed after it gets shot-down? You would think that those tens and hundreds of Power Moons you've collected from the other Kingdoms would mean something well enough to address this problem... but NOPE, they're apparently worthless for repairing.
    • This troper viewed it as a kind of jump start, like a jump start for a car.
    • The Power Moons you've collected have already contributed to the purpose of powering up the Odyssey for travel, so you need new ones for the purpose of repair.
  • Why weren't Bowser Jr. and the koopalings at Bowser's wedding? Shouldn't they be celebrating their dad getting married and Peach being their new mom?
    • Only Bowser Jr. is canonically Bowser's son, but it still doesn't explain why the Koopalings aren't there besides the fact that they simply haven't been in any of the 3D games so far.
  • How are the non-Broodal bosses associated with Bowser? Torkdrift, for example, is stealing flowers, but it's not stated to be for the wedding, and if so, it would be the only theft you actually prevent in the game. Cookatiel might be associated with Bowser since he obviously didn't have any trouble from her in taking the stew, so maybe she and Mollosque-Lanceur were deployed to continue messing with the kingdom's resources after Bowser got what he needed? What's going on?
    • On replaying, it is mentioned that Torkdrift was working for Bowser, so that's something.

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