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Headscratchers / Superjail!

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  • So did Alice have a second condom or is she shooting blanks? That would be one hell of a way to bring the Mistress back...
  • Where are the twins in Season 3?
  • Why does the show bother to spare its leads grizzly fates if half the episodes end in Snap Back anyway?
    • Probably to show how expendable the inmates or lesser characters are, even with snap-back in consideration. But sometimes they're not so fortunate, just look at Jared. He was mutilated in "Mayhem Donor" (though of course came back fine), and then crushed to death in "Planet Radio". Although if an episode does tend to end with something happening to a non-red shirt, it's been seen that there will be confusion if there's Snap Back or not (like the Twins and that one season 3 episode). I recall hearing the writers find it silly that fans would be so invested in wondering so much, since they see the show as the adult Looney Tunes and no one ever questioned things there. But who knows what they'll do next with the cast if there's another season?
  • Season 4 being six episodes. Everything's still very vague about it right now, but hopefully it doesn't spell any "doom". All things must end, but hopefully the writers can get to wrap the show up on their own terms.

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