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Headscratchers / Star Trek Voyager S 1 E 4 "Phage"

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  • If the Vidiians can adapt alien organs for their own use, why can't they do so with native non-sentient animals?
    • Or grow them? Dr. McCoy could grow a kidney with just one pill; surely the Vidiians can do better.
    • Moreover, why have they not developed cybernetics? Voyager can whip up some artificial lungs, but the guys who are 1) master artisians and 2) medical experts can't?
      • They may simply have a superior knowledge of biology to cybernetics; considering how fast the Phage apparently progresses, it may have been easier for them to transplant organs when creating artificial substitutes would have taken longer and may not have been ready before those afflicted died.
      • For that matter, why do they need one of Kes’ lungs to donate to Neelix? If they were able to solve the issue of how complicated it was to transplant organs from another source, couldn’t they have just replicated some new lungs and transplanted those?
    • It's been established in canon that the transporter can be jury-rigged to filter out recent, radical changes to a person's body. That in mind, couldn't it be rigged to beam Neelix back up to the ship with his lungs again?
      • It's not like his organs were moved to a different part of his body, they've been completely removed. It can't create new biological materials; the whole reason the Doctor had to create holographic lungs was because they couldn't replicate the missing organs.