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Headscratchers / Squirrel Girl

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  • Where exactly did we get the information that her lips taste like hazelnuts?
    • Wolverine, most likely.
    • The issue of I Heart Marvel where she kissed Speedball.
  • Who would win in a fight: Squirrel Girl, or The Sentry?
    • Considering Sentry's strength fluctuates between more-godlike-than-Silver-Age-Superman and being-hurt-by-a-dog-bite... Squirrel Girl. Heck, even the Void would probably get his butt kicked.
  • I don't mean any insult here, but...doesn't she kind of have the same opinion about modern comics as Alexander freaking Luthor? Even ignoring what Luthor did, his views are seen as a Take That, Audience!, while hers make her so beloved...does anyone else notice a double standard?
    • Alexander Luthor's views are seen as a Take That, Audience! because of what he did. Squirrel Girl, meanwhile, has a similar opinion but is in all respects a genuinely nice heroine who does heroic things and does not do villainous things, and so her views are inevitably presented in a much more sympathetic light. Not really a double standard.
      • Simple: SG's views are suppose to be agreed with, whereas Luthor was meant to be a strawman.

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