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Headscratchers / Spin City

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  • How was Stuart never fired for sexual harassment?
    • This is one of the rare cases where it is justified. I forget Stuart's job title, but he is pretty high up in a politician's administration. So, assuming he was competent (by the standards of the show), it wouldn't be too inconceivable for things to be covered up and hush money/perks/job security to be used for anyone who is offended.
    • Or he just attended a lot of seminars and lectures (IE scoldings with legal backing) offscreen. See the Frasier episode where they have to attend such a seminar... Bulldog, a character very similar to Stuart, had been so often he brought his own workbook and knew the proper lines to say by heart.
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    • Stuart did actually have charges brought against him in one episode. Ironically, it wasn't because of his usual antics — his psycho ex-girlfriend filed them in retaliation for breaking up with her.

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