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Headscratchers / Soul Nomad & the World Eaters

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Why does Gig ask if a dream about a child that is explicitly called a boy being born is Revya's birth when she is female?
For that matter, why does the text "option" not have Revya note this?
  • because the player can choose Revya's gender at the start of the game, and as usual, the writer is assuming that the choice was male and the otherwise gender-neutral script flubbed up.
  • Isn't it the birth of Revya's past life as Median's child and not the current one? Who said that you had to keep the same sex in another life? Heck, the Gods even ask you what you want to be as you get reincarnated.
    • Yes, but Revya (or Gig) has no way of knowing that.
    • Gig is a master of death, the one person who knows the ins and outs of reincarnation. If it's possible at all to change gender through reincarnation, he would know it, even if only subconsciously. Plus, the dream wasn't his because he was never human so, he connected the dots.

How is it Odie wasn't accepted for domination when he used a false name? Seeing as it worked for Raksha/Levin
  • It may be possible that domination works based on the identity of the host and not any extra inhabitants. Raksha, being the Manipulative Bastard he is, may have kept enough of Levin on hand to allow for domination in case he needed Gig's assistance, and finished consuming Levin when the trap had been sprung to sever any ties with Gig and keep his soul from being consumed.
    • Odie doesn't submit to the name Dio. He believes his name is Odie. That is why he cannot consent with a fake name. It's the inverted case as Dio, whose real name isn't that but he adopts it as his own and Endorph, whose true name is Faded, his name as Chroma Oxide is Walnut, and his name in the Soul Nomad universe is Endorph. He recognizes the name 'Endorph' as his own. 'Levin' submits to the fake name because he believes the shell's name is the one that matters, and thus adopts it as his own for as long as he inhabits the shell. He tells Endorph to keep calling him Levin even after his true identity is revealed.
  • The same question goes for Gehstall/Median in the Demon Path
    • He had no memories of his past as Lord Median, so at that point he did truly believe his name was Gehstall
  • It might have something to do with whether or not the individual in question actually thinks of that name as being his. Raksha played the role of Levin long enough that he may have actually considered it to be (one of) his actual name(s). Similarly, Gestahl may be an alias, but it's also the only name the man has answered to for centuries. It may also have something to do with the fact that neither of the latter two had a "real" counterpart out there with the same name; Raksha ate the real Levin's soul (which, come to think of it, could have had something to do with how he could be dominated under that name) and the only other Gestahl is an impostor, and a highly reluctant one at that. Odie, on the other hand, was impersonating Dio, and there was a real Dio to impersonate.
  • Maybe it's because Dio is a title, not an actual name.
  • In the scene where Odie gets dominated, Odie is the one who suggests that it might be the name. At the point, Odie doesn't seem to have any experience with dominion. Maybe it's not the name. Maybe it's a condition that was lifted simultaneously with telling the name, like consent (not necessarily consent).

Why do people go on about how weak Odie is when he really kicks ass?
Stat wise, hes an above average member of the best mage class, yet people constantly go on about how weak he is. What gives?
  • Because he wasn't up to his family's standards. There was probably an insane amount of pressure placed on him from day one to live up to the Dio name, and Odie doesn't deal well with stress... In his ending, he's explictedly called a 'late bloomer'. He just needed time and patience, and unfortunately, that was likely in short supply when he was growing up. By the time his talent really started to blossom, it was too late: he had already made too many mistakes, was already considered the Black Sheep of the line, and had already spent years being told what a failure and screw-up he was. Weak protests aside, Odie appears to honestly believe he's basically hopeless, and let's face it: Revya's team isn't exactly made up of the most understanding people around...
    • In short, he just believes he is useless, and being a pessimist about his own abilities makes him underplay them himself, and the rest of the crowd don't see his true potential.

Why is Tricia a Cloud Cuckoolander in The Demon Path
Everyone else has a reason for snapping, but she comes already crazy.
  • Trish's like that because the party was too late in saving her from Hawthorne, who in the Normal Story is revealed to have done the same thing to several other girls, raping and then murdering them on or just after their 17th birthday. The party got there to save her from the killing, but were too late on the rape. She basically went through what Caska went through in Berserk in a somewhat lesser degree.

Why protagonist's death is called Good Ending? in the Demon Path
There must be a reason why we have Protagonist-Centered Morality trope.
  • The entire setup is 'A final boss battle from the boss's side'. Thus the 'enemy' winning is the Good Ending in that the heroes win.

Median Bad Ending
Why does Median killing Virtuous destroy the world. The plot uses the reason in that Haephness losing its Master of Life and Master of Death destroys, but in the normal ending you do the exact same thing on Drazil, along with killing its ruler.
  • Given Layna and Danette's ending, it's presumed that Layna is holding the world together.
  • Another question is why the world didn't fall apart when Virtuous was killed by Levin, assuming the above is true.
  • Because Gig's still alive, currently possessing Revya and still Haphness's rightful Master of Death in the end.

Why is Gig so absurdly powerful?
It makes sense that he's powerful, since he's a god, but why is he so powerful that He could kill Gamma, Joules, and Drazil in one shot? What story reason would justify that?
  • It's known that after Vigilance's death, Drazil grabbed his soul and modified him into Gig, so he could run roughshod over Haephnes' world and send all its souls to Drazil. It's possible that Drazil, in his arrogance, maybe made Gig a little too powerful to handle, and it was only Gig's newfound love for slaughtering people that kept him from deciding to turn on Drazil. That, or the binding process that bound Gig to Revya (using a Crimson Tear) unlocked something with Gig's powers.

What's with Death Is Cheap in this game?
It's really inconsistent when it comes to gods. Sorting out the cases:
  • Median killing Vigilance. Vigilance's soul is stolen, but he regains a body almost identical to his original, as well as the ability to reap souls. If the Master of Life can apparently resurrect herself, why couldn't the Master of Death do the same?
  • Not to mention that in The Stinger, Gig comes back to life with all his memories, and fully grown.
  • In the Median Ending, Median killing Virtuous. She says the world collapses because there is no Master of Life or Death anymore, but...
  • Virtuous is fine when Levin kills her. Maybe it's because she's the Master of Life, but that's not consistent with the above post.
  • Gig kills Gamma, Joules, and Drazil in the end. Apparently, this would destroy the world of Drazil, for two reasons a) according to the Median Ending, killing both the Masters destroys the world and b) plain killing Drazil destroys the world in the Bad Demon Path Ending.
  • Layna killing Virtuous. Maybe she gets a free pass because she's the Master of Life, but see first example.
  • Gig killing Layna and Virtuous. He implies that it's possible to cheat death with an extra soul, but that just raises more questions. Maybe Virtuous can resurrect herself, but if Gig sent all the souls he reaped to Drazil, how could he have missed this?

What is a World Eater?
Layna says that a World Eater is a person sent to other worlds by the gods, but that alone isn't a good explanation. Why do they have the power to eat souls? How did Revya arrive from Drazil? Why does young Layna have a new body after she gave hers to Virtuous? Layna also mentions that she wonders why some World Eaters are giant, but...
  • We can infer from context that anyone killed by someone from another world has their soul go to that world. Hence, a normal human sent to another world would technically be a World Eater in that world... but they wouldn't be hugely powerful. The "World Eaters" that we're used to thinking of are powerful beings who were further empowered and twisted by Gamma, Joules, and Drazil; that empowerment doesn't actually have anything to do with them being World Eaters.