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  • Amy Rose is on the Little Planet... How exactly did she get there?
    • Amy supposedly read in some Tarot cards that she had a 'destined' encounter with Sonic on Little Planet, but then I guess that's more accurately 'why', as for how...she climbed the chain?
    • Probably an Offscreen Moment of Awesome, after all she can handle herself in Sonic Adventure 1. She also could've just hitched a ride on one of eggman's machines, followed Sonic when he was jumping up to Little Planet as well perhaps.
      • The SA1 thing was character development. She couldn't "handle herself" until the very end of her story.
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    • Didn't she get kidnapped by those robots?
  • Any reason as to why the US soundtrack never got Past renditions? I would assume that they're probably unreleased, but why hasn't there been any reconciliation with possible past tracks being added in?
  • When Sonic sees the Little Planet, it's covered in metal. I would think that the Past and Good Future would have the sky visible, but in the Present it is even before the generator in the past is destroyed, and why is it visible in the Bad Future at all?
    • Possibly Gameplay and Story Segregation for the most part, but for some stages, that can be explained away as Sonic standing on top of the metal the Little Planet is covered in. However, the D.A. Garden shows Little Planet in all it's glory (or lack thereof) and there's little to no metal covering the place at all. The metal covering was only shown in the full-motion videos. Knowing what we know about the stages themselves, the D.A. Garden rendering of Little Planet might be the more accurate depiction of the place.
      • You could be right. The D.A. Garden is probably what it actually looks like and I'd imagine the version of it covered in metal was from concept art or something.
      • Nope, the metal encasing is canon, as it's the way Eggman trapped the planet and prevented it from disappearing/going away (as it's known to do). Perhaps it has a fake sky inside.
  • What is Metal Sonic doing in those projectors?
    • It looks like MS is tormenting them. My thought is that those projectors were built to scare off the animals, hence why you see them prancing around in the level once it's destroyed.
  • Why the hell is that "Fun is infinite" easter egg in a Sonic game?!
    • Someone in development probably threw that in as a joke.
    • Word of God states that a developer nicknamed "Madin" (the name you see at the bottom corner) just threw it in because he likes the attention.
    • According to some sources, it's a copy protection screen that is supposed to show when using a burned disc. Hence it has that scary pic (to "punish" pirates by scaring them) and the "Endless fun with Sega Enterprises" message (to promote Sega and incentivize pirates to buy the actual games). However, they decided to make it accessible via a cheat code as well, and that's where most people know it from.
    • It was meant to be more silly than scary. They didn't know what the US boss music would be like, and looking at the screen with the JP/EU music shows that it was meant to be silly.
  • Why does Robotnik/Eggman need to go to the trouble of using animals as organic batteries for his robots if he's capable of building Metal Sonic without one?
    • Metal Sonic was an experiment. I imagine Eggman kept the animals as batteries as a backup plan, because they'd been proven to work time and time again. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, you know?
      • This is the only game in the series where he doesn't use animals as badnik cores, but FLOWERS. Even the ending animation shows flowers appearing when Sonic smashes the badniks, ergo this question is out of place for this game. And remember this; ROBOTNIK IS AN EVIL MAD SCIENTIST. Emphasis on MAD and EVIL; he's not going to do the practical, sensible thing when he can be a sadist and screw someone or something over to get his way.
    • Probably budgetary reasons. That way he doesn't have to buy expensive batteries to power up his robots. He was probably cool with buying one for Metal Sonic, who was supposed to be his ultimate robot, but not for random mooks. He may have stopped using them in modern games due to batteries becoming cheaper and more efficient.
    • It's possible that Metal Sonic also contained a flower or small animal, but it was destroyed in Metal Sonic's explosion (which is rather more dramatic than that of most badniks).
  • In the boss theme, does the line "Wow, the power you possess is incredible! He doesn't stand a chance!" refer to Sonic or Eggman?
    • The first sentence refers most likely to Sonic/the player, and the second to Eggman. The song is encouraging the player him by telling him that Eggman doesn't stand a chance against him.
  • Why does the ground in Stardust Speedway seem to be partly made out of musical instruments? That always just seemed really random. Is it just to show Little Planet is a weird place (in the same way Collision Chaos is filled with Mind Screw nonsense?)
  • Why is destroying the transporters enough to stop Robotnik from using the Time Stones to undo his defeat?
  • How... Exactly does one get on and off Stardust Speedway?

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