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Headscratchers / Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Special Edition

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  • In full awareness of the absurdity of making a "Just Bugs Me" question for this thing — what was the "evil influence" on Tails' mind that Balrog-Vectorman-Amy spoke of? I... I was actually wondering where that was going.
    • I've been rewatching this thing several times on and off over the past few years and this is what I've found: Docfuture left Tails behind when jumped into the giant ring in Casino Night. At the conclusion of the boss fight, Eggman sends the place falling back to Earth, with the resulting explosion sending Knuckles flying to the next zone. Tails, on the other hand, was stuck there, and from there it's not exactly clear what happened to him, but it's evident starting with Hilltop Zone that he's not too happy about being treated so expendibly. From there we learn a few more things: In Hilltop Zone, Doc mentions the presence of an advanced AI in the game, meant to assist the player. It can be assumed that it's long since reached sentience, and could be the reason behind all the resentment. Finally, in the finale, Tails finally returns, and it's heavily implied his escape from the ruins of Casino Night was a very traumatic experience. As a side note, he sarcastically mentions how "a beating can beat hard feelings out of someone". Guess what the Mystic Caves boss does to him?
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    • I'm glad I wasn't the only one! I finally took it as just being some random evil influence, no real reason or explanation. Embrace the madness and all.
    • Sunshine?
  • Second question: Why isn't there a review page? I wanted to praise the demented, good-natured genius at work here.
    • There is now. I just wish there was a WMG page so I can plant my Epileptic Trees including that about how Failure Cresh is dead (how else can he be reincarnated?).
      • Failure Cresh can survive having his head separated from his body. He can't survive having his head smashed open by Sonic's spin attack. Which we saw Sonic (or was it Amy?) do.
      • He can't have survived for long. All that blood pumping out, by now he would've just been a pile of grossness by now.
  • Isn't this a fan-hack?
    • No, but I wish it was.
    • Footage from some of the videos was taken from different fan-hacks, or from obscure real games. For example, the "8-Bit" portion of Aquatic Ruin zone was taken from Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure, Act 3 of Metropolis Zone was taken from the unreleased beta of a videogame adaptation of Sonic Sat AM, and the Unexpected Shmup Level—where Docfuture fought various Sega game systems—was the last level of Se Ga Ga Ga.
  • Someone want to explain what the hell is up with the real life footage showing Japanese people constructing the corkscrew stuff in real life? This isn't something Doc Future made, that's real 90s footage. Was it for an ad or something?
    • I do believe it's from a "behind-the-scenes" featurette about the making of the Japanese commercial for Sonic 2. This commercial mixed animated characters and backgrounds with live-action elements captured on a motion-control rig.


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