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Headscratchers / Sonic for Hire

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  • How the heck is Soniqua alive in Season 6 despite the fact that Sonic wouldn't have needed to visit Mother Brain?
    • Maybe Sonic got drunk and knocked up Mother Brain anyway. (Does sound like what he'd do.)
      • A real question for season 6 is why alot of characters most back from the dead remember the timeline before Sonic messed with it or why were still dead after Sonic messed with the timeline.
  • Why didn't Sonic keep his job at Space Invaders? Sure it must've been too easy to the point where it gets repetitive, but it could also make him very successful.
    • Maybe because the Space Invaders sergeant was a Jerkass and similar to what happened in Pacman, he didn't want to put up with it.
  • In season 6 why did Mario want to kill Sonic because it seemed like his ghost forgave him.
    • Mario's ghost had half a season to look back on his life and think about what happened. The Mario that Princess Potato saved through time travel didn't have that post-death re-evaluation, so he would still hate Sonic.
  • In Season 5, wouldn't Luke Skywalker have recognized Sonic from their brief stint on Family Feud in Season 3 (the one that ended in his father getting thrown down a reactor shaft)?
    • Luke's dialogue indicates that he does remember them. He knew all their names and seemed to speak to them as if they were old friends. He may not have been particularly mad over Vader's death because it was actually Dominique Wilkins' (unintentional) doing, and not Sonic's. Or maybe he was already so depressed he just didn't care.
  • I'm curious to why Pit remained an eggplant in the series. It's understandable in his first appearance as Sonic tricked him off the ledge but he couldn't even get to a nurse when Mario recruited him to help kill Sonic? You think Mario would know better that Pit will be much more useful to him in regular form so why would Mario not have Pit healed first? And to ask the bigger question, why was Pit still an eggplant after being revived via time travel? In his game series, if Pit died as an eggplant but comes back, he's back to normal. I always found that odd.

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