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  • In the episode "Lost", how is it that Kamilah can have a detailed mental map of her hometown without also remembering how to get home?
  • Maybe I missed the reason but in "Rebecca", why does the titular character lie to Fiona about planning to meet with Molly and run off? They didn't seem to have any reason to move this time, and five minutes with her best friend wouldn't have hurt her.
    • Rebecca seemed to have every intention of meeting Molly, but Rebecca's parents showed up before Rebecca could go to the meet. Rebecca's parents were previously shown to be extremely worried about their secret longevity being revealed and they were already angry that Rebecca had gone to see Molly earlier so it's heavily implied that they decided to move before Rebecca could expose their secret to Molly and Rebecca had no choice in the matter.
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  • In “Werewolf” Fi,Jack and Clu are stuck inside the bus while the titular werewolf prowls around and come up with the plan to trap the werewolf inside the bus with Clu as bait but didn’t the three of them think that was too risky? The werewolf couldn’t get at them as long as they stayed inside the bus but their plan ran the risk of at least one of them getting mauled. What if Clu failed to distract the werewolf and Fi and/or Jack had been attacked while they were outside? Or if Clu hadn’t gotten out of the bus on time? Fi who’s aware of werewolf lore could’ve pointed out that eventually the werewolf’s going to turn back into a human by daybreak. While Jack and Clu may not believe the animal is a werewolf as it stands the animal would get tired of hunting them and leave and I wouldn’t feel comfortable letting in a wild animal in the place I’m living in. The point is they were safer staying in the bus until daybreak came

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