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  • Seriously, what the heck is Lina wearing in the TV series? Is she wearing a yellow leotard over pink leggings? But then where does that yellow strip of fabric around her chest come from? Any attempt to decipher it seems to result in a set of very knotted clothes.
    • It just looks cool.
    • I've always imagined that the part around her chest was some sort of armor. And the yellow strip near her nether regions was a chastity belt (Tron Bonne from the Mega Man Legends games wears something similar).
    • Sterotypical D&D gear, she explains it in the first light novel, it involves a tunic, leggings, belts, actual shirt, and a bazillion other things I'll get compiled when I get home with access to my copy.
      • I saw her wearing leggings, a jacket, huge armored epaulets, and over that a bandana (with some magical property) and a 'girdle', probabaly of Giant strength, given her Megaton Punch.
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    • I always thought of it as a yellow bandeau bra and panties over her normal clothes. And from my experience, if she was really as flat as they make her out to be she would constantly be having to pull her strapless thing back up.
      • She's not really that flat-chested. She's just extremely insecure and the world loves mocking her for it.
    • I think The Colors alludes to her Magical Title Mentioned in the Light Novels. (which she is embarrassed about
  • In episode 8 of the original TV-series, Rezo threatens to petrify an entire village unless Lina and the others brings the Philosopher's Stone to his tower. Lina complies in order to confront Rezo with some pointy questions, but the final result is that the Philosopher's Stone - and its ability to supercharge magical powers - winds up in Rezo's hands. Now, considering the complete lack of possible colatteral damage in the vicinity of the tower, why didn't Lina just use the Philosopher's Stone herself, and Dragon Slave the whole tower off the map? She's never been averse to wanton destruction of property before...
    • Because if Lina did that, she'd get caught in the blast and probably killed.
    • Because Slayers is a D&D campaign, and the GM was threatening to cut her player off of sugary snacks if she didn't comply.
  • Why did the gold dragons blindly rush into their death. Also, how is Filia the last of her race. There are clearly hundreds of them in the second season all in the valley of the dragons, both gold and black. They where stuck there because of the barrier surrounded the continent. If Filia really wanted to, she could go there.
    • She isn't the last one, she's just the last one to serve the Fire Dragon King.
  • Speaking of which, why is Filia so relaxed around Xellos? When she meets him in episode 1 of TRY, she turns her nose up at him. But then we meet the dragons at the Temple of the Fire Dragon King and everyone is terrified of him because he slaughtered millions of them in the war. The fact is, Lina and friends know Xellos is dangerous and incredibly powerful, but Filia never even acknowledges that. Is she somehow attracted to him?
    • Fillia is younger then the other dragons so her knowledge is more second hand where their's was more first hand.
  • How the heck is Zel supposed to be part golem? Golems are constructs. They don't reproduce sexually. Did I miss something?
    • It's not like he was born that way. The Blow Demon stuff just makes him fast and strong (and possibly blue); the stones all over him and the wire hair are golem traits. Both were artificially grafted onto his form by magic.
      • How to make a chimera Zelgadis: Wire hair, pebble-like protrusions and stone-hard skin that's covered in most areas of the body (Golem); blue-colored skin, expanded Pool Capacity (in other words, he can cast more magic before becoming exhausted), elfish ears with greater hearing, increased speed (Brau Demon); and his overall human shape is intact. Word of God also stated that none of his viscera (internal organs) have not changed their functions or have gained anything special from either the golem or the demon, other than the fact that he can go without food for long periods of time, so that also counts as a "human" trait.
      • He's also sterile.
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    • That was shown first time as a flashback in his nightmare, in Season 1 episode 5. Also. Nightmare was the thing that spurred Zelgadis to act on Lina's behalf, so... what, Lord of Nightmares meddles again?
    • Actually, "Lord of Nightmares" is just a name referring to how incomprehensibly powerful s/he is, and nothing to do with actual bad dreams.
  • Has Tokyopop decided to stop translating the light novels or not? I've heard contrasting stories about this but I was quite sure they'd decided to call it day because of the low sales. Disappointing, really, but I suppose it can't be helped.
    • They did. They planned on stopping after translating novel 6 because of poor sales; fan response made them translate novels 7 and 8, to at least complete the first arc. They aren't going to translate any more, though.
  • What on earth was Lina thinking at the end of NEXT? She's been told again, and again, and again that using giga slave would be A Bad Idea, she herself observes she mustn't do it under any condition, she tells everyone in the next episode that they currently have zero chance confronting Hellmaster at present… And so she sets out for Sairag to do exactly that. Perhaps Lina gained enough knowledge from her time with the Clare Bible to be confident she could pull off a summoning spell or an attack spell that wouldn't destroy the universe, but she seemed just as guilty and reluctant as if she still believed she still might bring about the apocalypse right up to the final moment, unless her hesitance was purely because she though she might sacrifice JUST herself rather than risk all of existence, though it hardly looked that way to me.
    • In the novels, Lina was facing Hellmaster alone, the others were frozen in crystal. She really had no way in hell of beating Hellmaster at all. Hellmaster said not to use the Ragna Blade, he'd just teleport away, since the Ragna Blade hurt when it hits. Lina used an imperfect Giga Slave on Hellmaster at that point, he STILL survived the attack! He was going to kill her friends, kill her, then go out and do who knows what else.
    • In the anime, Phibrizzo forced Lina's hand by kidnapping Gourry. After that, there was no way she wasn't going to Sairaag. Once Lina got to Sairagg, Phibrizzo trapped her friends in soul-crystal thingy's, though she and they tried to fight Phibrizzo till the end. Finally, Phibrizzo was about to kill all her friends, and he started to kill Gourry. Line even says IIRC "Right now, I choose GOURRY over the whole world!" granted, it's a bit stupid, but at the same time it kind of shows "note  and how much Lina has grown" since she first started with her friends, and how much she actually cares for her friends- namely Gourry.
  • Why did Zuuma/Radok hate Lina so much that he became an assassin, chimerized himself with demons, and slew his own son in the anime just to kill her?
    • Because the ones who abducted him and his wife were in Sairagg, the city that was destroyed by Copy Rezo in the first season/3rd light novel, although they blamed Lina for the incident. Because of that, he was unable to avenge her and decided to kill Lina. About his son, keep in mind that he fused/absorbed two demons to regenerate his arms, making him mentally unstable and no longer a human. But don't worry in the light novel, Abel is alive.
  • Does the world Lina and the others come from has a name? We know there are at least four parallel worlds in the Slayers universe, but does any of them have a name at all?
    • They are color-titled; Lina's world, as far as I know, is titled the "Red World." The world in Lost Universe, meanwhile, is the "Black World."
  • Has anyone else noticed that Lina's breasts grow smaller every season?
    • I hadn't, but now I'll be on the watch for it. I think it's a good move, and actually, if you wanted to go the Unreliable Narrator route, you could say that she's getting more comfortable being what she is instead of worrying about everything people think about her. I never understood the whole "flat-chested" joke routine, except as "well yeah, she's like a C-cup compared to the normal F-cups of superheroes, I guess?" And then I read the manga... and noticed that she really is pretty flat-chested. Then I got annoyed with the anime for changing that; I love seeing flat-chested heroines, and changing her appearance in a way that messes up a major joke was just another sad example of Executive Meddling.
  • What would happen if (for some reason, never mind how) a Mazoku took a Love Potion? Would they die? Go insane? Actually feel love? Go Yandere? Would nothing happen, since Mazoku aren't capable of feeling love? Would they feel something akin to love, but different (probably less positive/darker)? Personally, I could see a Mazoku "falling in love" similarly to the way the Greek gods would "fall in love" with a human, i.e., lust after them, usually with a less than pretty outcome. But what would it do to the Mazoku itself?
    • Probably nothing. First off, they don't have human bodies that absorb that kind of thing in the first place—or even human-ish bodies. I mean, Xellos' true form looks like an inverted cone. And I don't think there's any magic that's established beyond some sort of mind-warpy-esque thing that could have even close to that kind of effect. In any case, I doubt anything would happen, since mazoku are established to be literally incapable of that kind of emotion. If they don't have a faculty for love, there's no way to manipulate it or even create it in them since its established that those kinds of emotions actually hurt them. For a grody illustration, it would be like trying to implant a foreign object into a human body—that was actively poisonous.
  • If Naga's so haemophobic that she passes out at the sight of one drop of blood, then how the hell does she deal with her period?
    • The same way real women with that problem do - stare at the ceiling while changing/wiping and try not to think about it. It's still a pretty damn horrifying experience, but it's manageable.
  • Who got in charge of death and afterlife after L-Sama offed Phibrizzo? Was that Dynast Grausherra or some other Mazoku? Was there a Death Takes a Holiday period during the transition?
  • In the last episode of Evolution-R, Pokota's ears look like they have stuffing coming out of them. Granted, it is a fake body (what is it supposed to be anyway) but if that's so, how does he control it?
  • Why do Dguld and Gduza, the monsters from the last season, only attack Amelia and Zelgadis?
    • To keep Amelia and Zelgadis from helping Lina and Gourry fight Zuuma. It's pretty explicitly implied.

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