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Headscratchers / Siren (2018)

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    Line Of Sight Name Gag 
  • Considering it - one word: how? Ryn hasn't learnt any human languages yet, so how could she read the word?
    • She heard it, not read it. The cartoon character Ryn got her name from said "I am Ryn" which Ryn then repeated, causing people to assume that was her name.

  • Given that neither the merfolk cares much for it (and drops fins everywhere) nor the military does much to uphold it (and is horribly incompetent) - how could the existence of mermaids be a secret for so long, even if they usually don't come out of the water? And how did the military came to know then after all?
    • Can't answer all of it, but the fins were shown to dissolve quickly after being detached early in season one.