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  • How did Luke and Suze go from ex-boss and ex-PR employee fired for promoting client's rival before the beginning of the first book (granted, Suze herself said that she was the worse PR person she ever knows) to close friends by the end of the sixth book? The books are written from Becky's perspective, and I don't hear enough from either party's perspective to know how the dynamics change.
    • Necessity of being his girlfriend/wife's best friend? Suze knows she deserved to be fired, so she doesn't have a grudge against Luke, and Luke really only holds grudges against people who outright betray him or people he cares about. As far as running his company goes, he cares a lot more about the quality of his employees' work than about their actual personalities (which gets him in trouble with Alicia in book two), so it's safe to say there aren't any hard feelings on either side. By Mini Shopaholic, Luke had been invited to Suze's wedding (and gotten her permission to propose to Becky in Suze's bouquet), the twins' christenings, etc—presumably any ill will they had toward each other had gone by then. Also, Luke's relationship with Suze is kind of like Angela and Cory's relationship as of the beginning of season 6 of Boy Meets World, so it's kind of a case of being friends as part of a group.

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