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Headscratchers / Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!

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  • If a blast from a satellite can stop a Sharknado, why haven't people been using that to stop hurricanes from reaching land, or tornadic storm cells in the Midwest?
    • Probably because movie-governments never admit they possess game-breaking technology until the last 20 minutes of the action flick.
    • Also, it was broken and Cold War era tech that hadn't been maintained, only secured from falling into bad hands. Besides, it shoots a mega laser... that's not really something you want to be shooting into the Midwest because at worse you're not just nuking the sharknados, you're torching the ground. As for those at sea, it's probably also a matter of using reasonable force - it's not like anyone's first thought when needing to raise the temperature of a storm is 'giant space laser'.
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    • They don't use it for normal hurricanes and tornadoes because it's an anti-Sharknado laser, that's why.
  • For that matter, if all it takes to disrupt a sharknado is an explosion a la the "failsafe", why didn't anyone on a freakin' military base think to try it before Nova and her Made of Plasticine sidekick showed up?
  • My personal favourite: Fin's dad knows he doesn't have the fuel required to get back to the shuttle... but it's enough to reach the moon from low-earth-orbit, land without dying and also directly at the Apollo landing site. ((Next to the american flag, which should be completely bleached by now))
    • Gil was last seen clinging to an operational SDI satellite that can fire a giant laser. If you have to come up with an excuse, you can assume he re-directed the laser at the satellite's solar panels as a photonic thruster and rode that to the Moon.

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