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  • How did Gunther get the laser in the slumber-party espisode? Also, where did he get the money to buy it?
  • Does it bother anyone else about the whole Gunther and Tinka thing? I mean, yes they are mean to the others, but they do get it in return, and while they both may be a little more mean spirited, they both have had moments of redemption. Albeit small. Tinka is shown to be more of a friend to Rocky and Cece, especially during the school dance episode. Gunther to Ty and Deuce as well. Is it just make sure they have a back up antagonist? Or just Depending on the Writer?
    • Yeah, the way they get treated is a bit too far, like the recent episode where Tinka makes bridesmaids dresses for Cece's mom, and Rocky snobbily rips it up. Most kids shows these days are bound to have a character that gets treated like garbage for simply not being the main character.
  • In "Sweat It Up", why does Rocky lie? She could've just said that she had a show.
  • In "Hook It Up", didn't Gary say they'd get kicked off if they did anything like what they did (in this episode's case, getting the two girls' faces to appear on the dance floor)?
    • Yeah.
    • To be fair, the two seem to have a good relationship with Gary due to the fact that they do a lot of favors for him.
  • Has anyone else noticed that Gunther and Tinka have different fake accents? Gunther's is more German/Austrian, whereas Tinka's is more Eastern European.
    • Possibly a case of vocal Bizarre Sexual Dimorphism, since Gunther's accent is closer to his father's and Tinka's to her mother's. More likely, it's a case of different regional accents from whatever country it is they're from.
    • Gunther and Tinka run on Fridge Logic and Rule of Funny, even more than most Kid Com characters. At their age and with how long they've been in America, they shouldn't have a nonnative accent at all when speaking English and might even have recieved speech thereapy through the school system to that effect.
  • What part of Chicago do Rocky and Cece live in? I'm sure that Shake It Up:Chicago is in Downtown Chicago (you know the lovely part of Chicago that is shown between scenes. But where do they live and where is their school. Deuce and Dina would lead you to believe they live deep in the ghetto. However, their aren't many minorities at their school, which does sometime happen in Real Life, even in the ghetto. Then, there's the apartment in which they reside. On the outside, typical ghetto stoop found in most slums that have housing projects. On the inside, Cece's apartment is the size of a condo in the 'burbs. Rocky's father is a doctor, and Cece's mom is a cop. I doubt people with those careers would end up living in the same neighborhood due to income. Futhermore, everything points to them living Downtown. A three bedroom apartment Downtown can cost anywhere from $2,000- $3,000 a month for rent. While a doctor, with a wife who also works can probably afford, its doubtful a single-parent raising two kids would even consider spending so much a month just on rent. Unless Officer Jones is on the take.
    • Also, no one sounds like they're from Chicago. Dina sounds more like she's from Joisey than the midwest. And while not everyone in Chicago is a fat middle-aged guy saying "Da' Bears", Chicagoans still have a distinct way of talking. And people from the 'hood tend to sound almost Southern, due to many African-Americans migrating to Chicago from the South in the 50's and 60's. Don't believe me, just listen to any Chicago rapper not named Kanye or Common do an interview. Cece is the only one that comes close, but that's still just the way Bella Thorne talks.
  • The flashback in "Shrink It Up". Why was CeCe's nickname already established, but not Rocky's?
    • 'Ce Ce' is a common nickname for Cecelia. And it's usually easier for a little girl to say.
  • For the record: Is it "Cece" or "CeCe"? Not even the show's Wikipedia article can decide.
  • So if Rocky's a borderline Teen Genius, how come she doesn't go to a selective enrollment school?

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