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The headscratchers for the Seraph Of The End franchise.

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     The Hiragis 
  • WHY IS KURETO SUCH A DICK? He was an ass to Guren, tried to get Shinoa raped, tortured Yoichi and Kimizuki and MURDERED THE NARUMI SQUAD FOR NO REASON! How the hell is he not karma slapped?
    • Some people just are assholes.
    • Living in all that Hiragi wealth and luxury has made him a spoiled brat.
    • Seriously, what does Aoi see in him? Or is she secretly as nasty as him on the inside? Her sister Mitsuba certainly is horrible, so maybe it could run in the family.

  • So how come Guren dating Mahiru (a Hiragi) is bad, but Aoi dating Kureto (a Hiragi) is okay? Is it because Mahiru's a girl and Kureto's a guy?
    • It's called a Double Standard.
    • It's not a Double Standard. Clearly anyone who has read the Light Novels can tell you that. Guren had past screwups with the Hiragis and Aoi didn't. Simple as that.

  • Once the Hiragis take over the world, what are they going to do next?
    • Why do they want to take over the world anyway? I mean...I get it sounds cool and all but really, isn't being the richest family in Japan enough?

     Can demons die? 
  • Is it possible for them to die? Like just....poof?
    • I have no idea how. Maybe they turn into ashes like vampires? But if

     Mitsuba Sangu 
  • Does anyone else find Mitsuba's Freudian Excuse pathetic? Not that it's not sad, it is tragic losing all your comrades but I hate how she slapped Yuu for saving a kid and acted like a bitch to him for that.
    • I agree. She should be kicked out of the Shinoa Squad and be replaced by someone who isn't a bitch.
  • How is Mitsuba not dead yet? I mean she's the most useless character in the Shinoa Squad. Yuu has a Progenitor's brother in a sword, Shinoa has Shikama Doji, Yoichi has Gekkoin, a guy with a six pack and Shiho has Kiseki-o who has burial ground powers, yet Tenjiryu....what's so special about him? He seems pretty normal and has the weakest power of the main 5 (6?)
    • We've seen it generate flames, so that's something...
      • Not much compared to the other demons.

  • Why did Mitsuba join the army, let alone the Shinoa Squad? She's the most useless and has no motive. Think about it...

Yu - Revenge for muh family.

Shinoa - As the daughter of the Hiragis, she wanted to prove herself powerful.

Shiho - His sister.

Yoichi - Also his sister.

Mitsuba - annoying typical anime tsundere with no distinctive qualities or characteristics, nothing interesting about her, slapped a boy for saving a kid, threw an unnecessary tantrum in episode 13 (who throws a tantrum over a PROMOTION) only exists for the Shinoa/Mitsuba/Yuu love triangle and a fellow girl for Shinoa, nothing good about her.

  • She felt overshadowed by her big sister and wanted to prove herself like Shinoa.
    • Shinoa's case is different. She was neglected by her family, Kureto tried to get her raped, what Mahiru did to protect her, she was born with demons inside her, had to suffer nightmares and all etc. etc. etc., remember? Shinoa has a backstory that certainly makes her motives more than understandable, but Mitsuba gets nothing. No sympathetic backstory or anything. She just acts like a spoiled dick for no reason. Also, she got a whole squad murdered, how come she isn't kicked out yet?
    • Because she's from the Sangu family? Or maybe they let her go because it was an accident?
    • Or maybe they were hoping they could kill her off as well?
    • Have you guys been paying attention? Mitsuba was upset over the promotion because she knows she only got it because she was a Sangu, not because she actually deserved it. And she has a big inferiority complex with Aoi, remember?
  • She's also a liability, Yuu had to save her ass as well. And she never says thanks or anything. Is it any wonder she's The Scrappy?
    • To be fair, Yuu had to save everyone's ass at some point, not just her's.

     Krul Tepes 
  • So....who was Krul's parents? And why did the First Progenitor pick her and Ashera as his minions?
    • Where did she get Arukanu from?
    • ^Speaking of Arukanu, what can he do? Is he a magical bat or something? It said he's a 'familiar so he must have some magic power right?
    • Alternatively he could be a kwami from Miraculous Ladybug, and he grants the user bat-themed powers. That explains why he (she? It?) sticks to Krul like a magnet
      • Her catchphrase could be 'Arukanu, fangs out!'
    • Chapter 69 reveals that she was the daughter of a noble family and more.

     Did you just assume my gender? 
  • Is Arukanu a boy or a girl?
    • Male bats have penises, though they're hidden under the hair.
      • We haven't ever seen a penis or Arukanu so far so I'd have to say female.
      • We've never seen a penis on Arukanu.....because we've never had a shot of him from the back.
      • How does a bat penis look like?
      • Like a normal penis, how else would it look like.
      • Look it up on Google Images.
      • no.
    • Hee hee, "are you a boy or a girl?"

  • Let's look at the name. Is Arukanu a name typically given to males or females?
    • I googled "arukanu" and got nothing but the bat. It's probably something Takaya Kagami invented on the spot.

  • Does Arukanu even have a gender? He could be non-cis for all we know
    • Now THIS I can agree with...

     Crowley Eusford 
  • So Ferid was killing, Crowley was suffering and people were dying. One question: Where was Krul in all of this? Did she just turn a blind eye to the human's suffering? Or did she just not care?
  • Did she even know Crowley was suffering?
    • Most likely not. Currently, nothing has indicated this.
  • Question. So if Crowley told Krul his backstory and all.....would Krul take him in? Would she accept him? Maybe they could make friendship bracelets over murdering Ferid.

     Ferid knowing about Crowley having a Seraph gene 
  • How did Ferid know Crowley had a Seraph gene? Crowley never said/made reference to it before, I doubt he even knew about Seraphim and Michaela before that.
    • Plot Hole?
      • Ferid says he's been stalking Crowley's bloodline for a long time. But that also brings up the question of how he knew THEY had the gene.

     Lacus Welt 
  • Do you guys think Yoichi will kill Lacus? In chapter 51, he confessed to his demon Gekkoin that he actually has a dark side and he's secretly very violent, wants to punish Lacus so badly that Lacus will regret being born. But the thing is, I don't want Lacus to die. In fact, I think he's one of the best characters of the show. Think of it. One of the reasons Lacus appeals to me so much is that you see, vampires are supposed to be 'OMG we have no emotions/loved ones, romance and friendship is for suckas'. But [[spoiler: Lacus isn't like that. Even though he doesn't look it, he's actually friendly, kind and caring. Even though Mika brushes him off, he still tries to be kind to him and tries to be his friend. And this is what strikes me - Lacus, a vampire who sees humans as mere livestock - has no qualms and is even open and encouraging to be friends with Mika. Every time I see Mika ignore him or brush him off, it kinda hurts me because Lacus just wants to be friends. You can do so many interesting things with this character. Look at the potential you have here. So far, the only vampires that we've seen that have loved ones are Mika, Krul and mayyyyybe Crowley, but Lacus has one too, even though he's not as important as them. Vampires caring for each other is really rare, and it's interesting seeing one actually cares. Lacus shows concern for Mika even though he doesn't return his feelings. He even asks if Krul was the one who turned him. You can chalk it up to him wanting to climb the popularity ladder, but I don't think that's the case. And, unlike Ferid and Crowley, he's not doing it for the sake of entertainment. He actually does seem like a genuinely Nice Guy. Proof? He was Renè's, first friend. Stoic, aloof, cold, formal Renè's first and best friend. I know when a human turns into a vampire they lose their emotions and blablabla, but Lacus looks like he still has that social, friendly, bubbly charm in him. My point is, Lacus is a good character and shouldn't be killed off. In fact, I think he's actually even nicer than Yoichi. If Yoichi kills him off, I'm going to hate Yoichi. Lacus is pretty interesting, and I can't wait for Kagami to give us an insight into his life and backstory, and why he's like that.
  • I love Lacus! I ship him and Renè (remember that scene where they showered and changed together), and yes, killing him off would ruin a lot for the show. Lacus>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Yoichi. I can't wait for his backstory too, the grape boi deserves more love!
    • "Grape boi" - that is such an affectionate nickname awww. I have the Volume 5 Bonus Material, and it says that "while Lacus is not nobility, he has considerable power. He was the vampire who killed Yoichi's sister. As for the rest, well...much of the vampire side of things is a mystery. Though, given that there has been foreshadowing for this, I might be able to say why Lacus is- Naaah, I think I'll keep it a secret". (My God Kagami you f***ing troll, just at least give us a hint or something).

To troll us more he says that Lacus dreams of opening a garlic bakery known as Garlic Lacus because he secretly loves garlic rusk. WTF.

One of the other things I like about Lacus is that apart from being the Perpetual Smiler of the trio, he's also the one with a sense of humor. When Mika is beating up Aiko, he's laughing his pants off (Black Comedy, I know, but that's just how I prefer my comedy) and laughs a lot in general.

  • You're so lucky...Can you tell me more about it? I've always wanted that material but couldn't find it
  • Sure :). Many things included, like
    • Rene is exceptionally powerful for a vampire even though he's not a progenitor.
    • Lacus and Rene won't get to do much until Volume 7 (though volume 7 has already been released and no, they don't do much).
    • Takaya's always planned to do the write up with them when Yoichi's on the cover. Sorry if it's not enough, I can add more if you want.
  • No, that's okay, thank you :*!

  • What's the thing he was 'foreshadowing' about Lacus?
    • well, he has purple maybe he's related to the Hiragis?
      • No, this Troper doubts it, Lacus is Caucasian (German?) And the Hiragis are Japanese.
      • He has a German last name (Welt means world in German). Lest Kerr is the Progenitor of Germany. So maybe he has a special connection with Lest Kerr? Maybe Lest was the one who turned him and Renè?
      • Oh my God, it makes perfect sense!! Also, Renè Simm - that's a French name. France is next to Germany (see mom, I've been paying attention in Geography class, whatever my report card may tell you SO THERE). So what if Rene was born and raised in France, then he went to Germany and met Lacus, then got turned into a vampire by Lest.
      • You mean Mein Gott, it makes so much sense.
    • Lacus does have a striking resemblance to Ferid when you think about it (Bishonen, Long-Haired Pretty Boy, Cheshire Cat Grin, Dude Looks Like a Lady, Hair Decorations, Soft-Spoken Sadist, Would Hurt a Child) so maybe he is related to Ferid in some way, like a nephew or a descendant, so Ferid sired him and sired Renè because he was Lacus' best friend and Lacus didn't want to leave him behind?
      • That also explains how Lacus is a guard (a fancy ass position in vampire society) - Ferid ensured his nephew/relative sticks close by.
      • And why Mika is assigned with Lacus and Renè - Ferid wants his nephew to be friends with Mika.
      • It's also notable Ferid and Lacus are foils to each other - they are both Perpetual Smiler Long-Haired Pretty Boy s, they both are sadistic in combat and both have beef with certain members of the Shinoa Squad, but while Lacus is more open, friendly and genuinely cares about his friends, Ferid is deceptive and would happily kill them off for his entertainment. Crowley and Renè can be considered foils as they're both the least Bishonen of the vampires, extremely powerful for their rank, are best friends with a Long-Haired Pretty Boy and care about glory in battle.
      • I LOVE the "Lacus is related to Ferid" theory, but you know a more interesting twist? What if they DON'T know they're related but find out somehow in front of all the vampires, then they'll all be 'OMG THAT'S THE PROGENITOR'S NEPHEW!' And maybe if Ferid dies or something, he'll ask his nephew Lacus to carry on his work should he grow bored from existing
    • Maybe the foreshadowing is, given Lacus' status as a Perpetual Smiler (boy that's come up a lot today huh) with a wicked sense of humor, he's secretly a Stepford Smiler? Something to do with his siblings. (why else would Takaya Kagami mention that little detail?)
      • And he clings on to Renè because he's his only friend who understands him?
      • I have a feeling My Greatest Failure may be involved here...

  • OMG! The fanbook just said that Lacus has younger and older siblings!
    • What? Really? Who are they?
    • It didn't name them...
    • What do you think they'll be called then?
    • Following the naming pattern, maybe if they're brothers they'll be Luka/Lucas/Leo, maybe if they're sisters they'll be Lucy/Lucia/Lucielle/Louise?
    • And following the fan nicknaming pattern, since Lacus is 'grape boi' (that name was coined by a Tumblr user called yourfriendlyneighbourhoodgrape, who's a big Lacus fan and draws a lot of Lacus fanart), his siblings would be Eggplant boi, Black Berry gurl, Raspberry boi, Raisin gurl...
    • Shouldn't they be in Latin?
    • ^ Eggplantus Boius, Blackberrius gurlus, Raspberrious Boius, Raisinus Gurlus, there are you happy now?
  • Is Lacus German? He has a German last name. (Welt means 'world' in German)

  • Rene could possibly be French, based on his name.
    • Lol, Rene Descartes.

  • Am I the only one who doesn't see Mika/Yuu? I am LGBT but I don't think Mika and Yu see each other romantically. My other gay friends aren't like Mika or Yu either. I think it's more of a brotherly relationship (they have the same last name ffs) and the show pushes the word family around a lot, I mean they make it obvious they think of each other as brothers and nothing more.
    • I don't think Mika and Yu were intended to resonate with gay audiences at all. It's a Shounen anime series, not Yaoi, so I doubt Mika/Yuu will ever get canon
    • I hate it when people say Mika/Yuu is a realistic depiction of a gay couple's not. I am LGBT like you, yet I cannot relate to them at all, I actually find Yuu/Shinoa, Shiho/Shinoa, Yuu/Asuramaru, Crowley/Shinoa, Mika/Krul, Lacus/Rene, or Ferid/Crowley more realistic but not Mika/Yuu. It just seems fake to me.

  • ^GUYS, you being LGBT has nothing to do with it. Plenty of LGBT like Mikayuu. A lot of depth was put into their relationship, hence why it's so popular, but LGBT isn't a hivemind and that's why your opinion differs. Plus, what is a "realistic portrayal" of a couple, gay or otherwise? Everyone's experience differs because people are different, besides this is a post-apocalyptic ANIME. I think what people mean when they say "realistic" is that it isn't burdened with yaoi tropes and is thus more natural for appearing in a mainstream form of media.
  • You say that Yuu/Mika won't happen because this is not a yaoi anime/manga. I hate it when you keep confusing yaoi (explicit sex between two guys) and shounen-ai (the explicit relationship between two guys, no sex involved). Also, even as a shipper myself, OF COURSE it won't happen because of the sheer heteronormativity expectation. Now, to debunk your arguments. You said that Yuu/Mika is invalid because of the word "family". Hello, Yuu also calls Shinoa "family", by your logic, he sees her as a family and nothing more, yet her crush on him is not incestuous but a possibility of a relationship between Yuu and Mika is. Sounds hypocritical to me. For the whole "same last name" thing, you realize that everyone in the Hyakuya family had that name? And Akane had a crush on Mika? By that logic, shouldn't that be incestuous, too? And you said that Krul and Mika kissed, Yuu and Mika didn't and that Krul and Mika have been so-called "having sex" as in blood drinking. Well, he also drinks directly from Yuu from now on. He also "had sex" with Yuu. And she calls him her son. She sees it that way, and I'm not even putting words in her mouth. Also, you realize that Mika was willing to run away, leaving Krul, in favor of living alone with Yuu? And suggesting that Yuu and Mika are biologically related?! Dudeee. They have different parents, why else would they used to be an Amane and a Shindo?! Can you even see that Yuu and Mika's parents had vastly different ways of abusing them?! You dislike the ship, sure, okay, all good. But throwing these "they are brothers", "they are related", "they don't kiss" thingy around is just purely ridiculous.
  • ^^^ How the heck does Crowley/Shinoa seem more "realistic" than Mika/Yuu??

     The First Progenitor 
  • Why did The First Progenitor go to JAPAN, of all countries? He could have chosen another one, like Britain (the country that took over the entire frickin' world) or France/Germany (efficient armies) or somewhere else, but what made Japan so special?
    • The First Progenitor is a weeaboo.

  • In his vampire life, he was called Sika Madu. How was he as a human?
    • Was he ever a human?

     Ferid Bathory 
  • So who was Ferid's family? Parents? Siblings?

     Mika and Krul's kiss 
  • So here's one thing I don't understand. According to the manga, the vampires have no idea of Mika's past and suspect Krul of the one turning him. But how? When Krul kissed Mika, she LITERALLY SNOGGED HIM IN FRONT OF THE ENTIRE CASTLE so how could they have no idea? Made even more egregious about the fact that when Mika feeds on Krul for the first time, two vampire guards bring a corpse for him to feed off first. What?
    • Krul could have ordered them to swear secrecy for all we know. Or maybe killed all the witnesses.
    • Good point, but won't vampires still know? I mean there has to be some way for that information to get out, right?
    • It's actually a case of Truthin Television. You'd be amazed at how people with lots of political power can get away with whatever they want.

  • So if Krul, the Queen of all vampires kissed Mika, does that make him the King of all vampires?
    • No. Just because she kissed him that doesn't make him their king. That's like saying Meghan Markle is the princess of England just because she's seeing Prince Harry. There has to be an engagement, a marriage ceremony
    • I'd have to argue with that. Yes, Harry and Meghan have to get married, but that's because they're HUMAN, and marriage is a human tradition. Vampires, on the other hand, are stated to be asexual. They have no such need for such things. But Krul and Mika's relationship should elevate Mika to some sort of social status, like "The Vamp Queen's Hot Horny Boyfriend' or something......
      • Mika and Krul are CHILDREN. Vampires, but still children. So marriage seems kind of...
    • He has a special rank on the vampires from being sired from a progenitor as he has a First class weapon. So there you go.

     Rumors and lies 
  • So how did Lacus hear those rumors about Mika being turned by Krul?

     Vampire Biology 
  • Can vampires have sex? I know they can't make babies but they can at least have sex right?
    • I read a theory of Mika and Krul having sex and that's why Ferid does what he does to her in the S2 finale...
      • ^ That sounds way out of character for the both of them.
    • Probably yeah. I mean, they could stick the junk together so why not.
  • It has been stated multiple times already that vampires lack lust and a sex drive, so no.

     Yuichiro's Parents 
  • Saito reveals that the mom from Yuichiro's flashback isn't his real mom, but Yu doesn't know that. So who are his real parents?
    • There is a very, VERY strong possibility Yu and Mika have the same mom. According to the manga, Mika has Seraph powers due to the experiments performed on his mother. And since Yu's family has no history of Seraph gene holders....
    • Yu, Shiho, and Yoichi could have the same mom as well...
    • Fam ily
    • While that is an overall solid theory, I just doubt it. We will have to see I guess... If Kagami ever gets to it again. (The current plot right now is tedious)

     Is Krul Romanian? 
  • Krul's last name is Tepes. In chapter 69, it's revealed she's from a noble family. She was apparently being punished for something her ancestors did. Who else has the last name Tepes? Vlad Tepes. Vlad is Romanian, so does that make Krul Romanian?
    • Yep.
    • Man the Romanians must be so proud of their representation in this anime.
    • Does that have anything to do with her behavior around Mika?
      • No, she's kinky around Mika because that's just her.
      • Not that the trope is wrong, Crowley's comrades are pretty kinky and they're implied to be British.

     Countries of Origin of Vampires 
  • Okay, so I've been doing a bit of thinking about what countries the vampires are from:
    • Krul Tepes: Romania (discussed above)
    • Crowley Eusford: From England probably, he's implied to be British mate.
    • Lacus Welt: He has a German last name, Welt (which means "world") so he could possibly be from Germany or Austria.
    • René Simm: He has a French name so he could be from France
      • He could also be British as Britain and France had an awful habit of stealing each other's land in the past, so wouldn't be surprised if he got stuck in one way.
      • He has a Stiff Upper Lip.
    • Lest Kerr: He has a Greek name.
    • Chess Belle: French name.
    • Horn Skuld: Scandinavian name.
    • Mikaela Hyakuya: Russia.
    • First Progenitor: ???

     Crowley's Location 
  • Just reading the light novels and I realized this. Crowley's comrades have French and Spanish names yet Crowley himself has a British name. In which country does he live in again? It's never specified.

  • When is chapter 68 gonna be English dubbed? I found a copy of it online, but it was in Korean. I heard they're going to explore Krul's past in it.
    • It's Hilarious in Hindsight; some troper posted the above Headscratcher about Krul's past and parents, and a few months later.....bam, this happens...almost as if Takaya was reading TV Tropes.
    • This tropette is also waiting for the English dubbed manga, but she looked it up and we'll have to wait a week.
  • What will Ashera do if he possesses Seraph!Yuu?
  • What if a human is possessed by a demon (like Yuu/Ashera) but then turns into a vampire? What happens to the demon?
  • Coming back from reading chapter 74, and at the end Shinoa is apparently turning into a vampire according to Mika. But how is that possible if she didn't consume any blood from a progenitor?


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