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    Who visited Casey James then? Warning! Spoilers! 
In the finale Emma and Piper visit Brandon James' mother. She mentions how Brandon's son came to visit her just a few days ago. This leads to finger pointing towards Branson. However we learn that Piper is Brandon's child, a daughter not a son. So who visited Casey James the first time to plant the idea of Brandon's son being Seth, later identified as Kieran, in her head? It couldn't have been Piper, or else there would have been the risk of Casey recognizing her in front of Emma. So who ended up visiting Casey that led her to mentioning Brandon's "son"?
  • That is assuming that the old woman really was Brandon's mother. All we have is Piper's word, what if she was just an actress hired by Piper like how she hired a guy to be a decoy in episode 3. Remember, Emma only "found" her thanks to Piper in the first place.
  • If the old woman was really Brandon's mother, Audrey could have been the one who visited her.
  • There is also the possibility that the person who visited her was Audrey, who has shown to be interested in Brandon. Having a rather androgynous look, the old lady, who seems to be rather senile, could have confused Audrey for a boy.
  • As of the Season 2 finale, it's safe to say Kieran was the one who visited her.

    How old was Brandon James' child? 
Even if we don't know the gender of the child, Daisy should at least remember WHEN she gave birth. How can Kieran and Mr. Branson both be suspects, when they're ages are clearly at least a decade apart?
  • Daisy didn't suspect Kieran of being her son, only Emma did after Piper lied to her.
  • More to the point, how on earth was Branson ever suspected to be Daisy's baby? The massacre took place in October 1994. If we assume that Daisy slept with Brandon, and Daisy's boyfriend started terrorising Brandon to the point of breaking shortly before that, that means that Daisy's baby would have been born around June 1995, which would make Emma's long lost half-sibling 20 years old at the time of the October 2015 setting of the present-day show. Branson is a fully qualified teacher already in 2015, and more to the point, played by an actor in his THIRTIES.
  • Also regarding the age of Brandon James' child. In the season finale we find out Piper is Brandon James' child and the killer.This make's Piper 20 years old. This becomes a headscratcher when you remember when Piper gives Emma a flask to drink from. Even making a point that she shouldn't give it to Emma because she is under the legal drinking age. But if Piper is 20. So is she.

    That blood on Noah's hand. 
From the very first episode of Season 1, the show was throwing hints about characters that they were hiding some things and thus could possibly be the killer. In the end of that first episode, we see Noah in his car, and after he hangs up fro talking on his phone, he looks in his rear view mirror and wipes his bangs off his forehead, smearing his forehead with blood that he had on his hand. Season 2 is already well under way and this event has never been brought up again.
  • That was paint, from when he vandalized Jake's truck.

    Why isn't Branson in jail? 
He was caught with Brooke, who was half-naked and a minor. They would've still charged him with statutory rape for his affair with Brooke.
  • It's shown to be even worse than that, as he has shown up at the same movie theater Brooke and her friends went to and openly talks to her, even admitting that he's the one who left a bouquet of flowers and a note for her in her car, this despite the fact that a restraining order against him was filed. That's twice the reasons he should be behind bars and it's still unexplained why he's allowed to roam free.

    What is Noah planning to do when he finds Piper's accomplice? 
None of the evidence he gathers can be used in a court of law. He's likely compromised any case the police might have if it ever gets to that point. So what exactly his plan? Or has he even thought that far ahead yet?
  • It's likely that he wants material for his podcast, as he has shown to be very adamant about it, having people like Emma in it, etc. He does have a history (as do the others) of trying to do things himself rather than going to the cops about it, and possibly believes that figuring out who Piper's accomplice is and making it public knowledge would be huge for his podcast.
  • Plus, he's doing it less as a search for justice and more as a coping mechanism to deal with what happened. In "Dawn of the Dead" Zoe even tells him "I think maybe you're sublimating your feelings about mortality and turning your friend's death into a puzzle you can solve, without actually dealing with it." It's more to distance himself from the deaths and a justification to look at them objectively so that he can avoid actually dealing with them emotionally.

    How did the police know to arrest the right killer? 
I was half expecting Emma or Audrey to pull out a tape recorder or something that clears both of them of all murder charges. That happening would've made things far less confusing. What proof is there, exactly, that those two were definitely not the killers? What reason is there that the true killer couldn't had just stuck to his original plan by pleading to the police that he's the victim in all of this? It would've made more sense if everyone got arrested and everything was settled at the station, but the police just went directly for the killer while Emma and Audrey were left uncuffed and immediately cleared of all charges.
  • We don't know what occurred between when we last saw Acosta and when he arrests the Killer/ Kieran. Noah had already showed the seeds of doubt that Emma and Audrey were the killers by pointing out that there was too much evidence that implicated them. This likely lead Acosta to agree with Noah that Emma and Audrey were being framed. Add to that, it appears there's at least a few hours between the events at the theater and the Killer's arrest which gives enough time for Brooke to go through surgery and wake up from anesthesia where she'd most likely corroborate Noah's story; that Emma couldn't have been the killer as she was with them during the Killer's attack and was even shooting to kill, making it less likely it was just an accomplice in the costume. This would also have determined that Kieran and Audrey were not with Noah and Brooke during the attack and with all the entrances locked, it makes them the only suspects. The police could also have found Eli who could have told them it's Kieran they need to arrest, especially since Word of God indicates that Eli's fate is purposefully ambiguous as they'd like the character to return in Season 3.

     Who messaged Stavo? 
Stavo arrives at the movie theater presenting a text message from Brooke saying to meet him there which she denies. I expected her phone to have gone missing, but instead she has it in a later scene, but still no word on how Stavo got the text message that she's at the theater. So who was phone?
  • It was probably the Killer/ Kieran and the text was sent if Brooke left her phone unattended for a few minutes because she'd trust leaving her phone alone with her best friend's boyfriend. Either that, or the Killer found some way of making the text look like it came from Brooke on Stavo's phone. But it's safe to say it was Kieran perhaps planning to kill Stavo or make him look guilty (Stavo arrives and suddenly the killer is inside) to throw Emma off the scent. Or it may have been just more mind games.

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