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    Forest of Beginnings 
  • Every game makes a point of telling you that your weapons are enchanted with a magic called Retornen/Tatamiya that returns any monsters you "kill" back to the Forest of Beginnings unharmed. Except...part of the plot takes place in the Forest of Beginnings this time around, and you're still killing monsters in there and they're poofing away! Where, exactly, are you sending them? Possibly Fridge Horror if the answer is somewhere unpleasant, or if you're not sending them anywhere at all and are actually killing them.
    • Maybe they're being teleported to a different part of the forest? You only visit a tiny portion.
    • I always assumed that "killing" them in the Forest of Beginnings was more akin to how The Titans in The Heroes of Olympus died before the second half of book 2 of that series — "killing" them would merely turn them into sand (or something else — your choice what it is), and after you left the room, they reconstituted themselves.


    Pico and Dolce's bond 

  • Pico is mentioned to be tied to Dolce, and is said to pass on if they're separated for too long. The problem is, Pico tells you that she's been a ghost for a while before meeting Dolce, so this bond seems more like a way to link the characters together more than anything.
    • I like to think that Pico started haunting Dolce AFTER they met; she did not always have that restriction.
    • Maybe Pico was haunting someone else when she met Dolce, and decided to switch who she's haunting.

    Pico and privacy 

  • Is Pico always right next to Dolce? Even, let us say, in Dolce's wedding night?
    • When Lest confesses to Dolce, Pico mentions that she has to take care of something and leaves the two alone right before Dolce reveals how she feels. Additionally, she ends up being the one who directs Lest/Frey's attention to the Obsidian Mansion, and Dolce is nowhere in sight when that happens. It's likely that Pico can be a long distance away from Dolce for a short period of time, and if they were in the same building, they could probably be 2-3 rooms apart for as long as possible — so it's likely that on Dolce's wedding night, Pico is in the castle basement looking at all the trophies.

    Participating in festivals 

  • Many of the festivals in the game cater to things Frey or Lest would be doing regularly anyway and have dedicated resources. They can raise Mons for the Buddy Battle because they have the combat skills to go out and recruit monsters as well as a barn to house them, and they have one or more farms to grow vegetables for the Harvest festival. Where does someone like Nancy go to capture and train a level 100+ monster? Where are Bado or Kiel growing high rank vegetables?
    • Unlike in earlier games, the extra fields aren't actually inside dungeons in this one and can be accessed by anyone who has an Airship license (heck, the Summer Field is within walking distance of the town with only low-level monsters on the way). Also, monsters don't actually have to be taken into dungeons to level them up: their EXP automatically goes up if you pet them regularly.

    Quiz Contest 
  • In the "Quiz Contest" festival, participants and questions are both so totally random that villagers fail questions regarding their own houses or jobs. When Dr. Jones fails very basic questions about the medicines that he gives at the clinic, the player finally understands why should the main character have a chemistry lab in his/her own room.

    Age of Amber and Kiel 
  • I was shocked when I realized that Amber and Kiel were marriageable characters. They look like 11- 12 year old to me.
    • Well given Vague Age it can be very confusing. I like to think they're both 15-16 hence why they look younger than the other marriageable characters.
    • Also this is a japanese game, and they are the origin country of Shota/Lolicon, besides their ages are like 15/16 and your character can't be older than 17/19, and this is a fantasy game.
    • In Amber's case, she is definitely Older Than They Look, since she was the fourth person to become a guardian (and we have no idea how much time passed between her becoming one and the start of the game), and I would assume that the same is true for Kiel. With the possible exception of Margaret, who is much older than Lest (since elves having a longer lifespan is actually a plot point in her romance and she has lived long enough to watch her old teacher die), I'd say it's safe to assume that the bachelors/bachelorettes are around the same age as Frey/Lest.
    • In Kiel's case, it is stated in Forte's marriage event that the only reason Forte was made the Dragon Knight was because Kiel had not yet come of age. However, in the event he is said to have now come of age (which forces the pair to duel it out to prove who should be the Dragon Knight, with Forte being the winner), so this likely places Kiel at around 17-18 years old, 16 at the very least.

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