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Headscratchers / Regular Show: The Movie

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  • Okay, so in the opening sequence, Ross' team guns down the Galactic Park Rangers. Except Fives is already a ghost and Skips is immortal, so how did they manage to kill them?
    • Skips is immortal, not invincible. He explained in his backstory episode that things such as lack of oxygen can kill him, age cannot. As for HFG, that's a good question.
      • Skips is what they call "biologically immortal" which is to say, he can't die from old age but he can die from other factors, i.e oxygen deprivation or being killed.
    • Has Fives ever been a human? He might not be a ghost in the "spirit of a dead person" sense but rather a distinct species.
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    • Considering that it's implied he had a child with Celia in the Distant Finale of the show, it's much more likely that HFG, as well as his family as his brother appears in one episode, aren't ghosts as in "the spirit of a dead human", but some sort of lifeform that simply resembles a cartoon ghost. Kind of like how the Ghost-type in Pokemon are a species of their own rather than dead humans.

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