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Headscratchers / Red Riding Hood

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  • Toward the end, when Valerie goes to her grandmother's house and finds her father there, what was the point of him mimicking the grandmother's voice to make Valerie think he was her, only to intentionally walk out revealing himself seconds later? He seemed to have planned on her knowing it was him anyway (because he had planned on telling her the truth) so what was the point of the ruse in the first place? In the original tale it made sense for the wolf to imitate the grandmother so that he could get Little Red to climb into the bed with him but Valerie's father never does that so what was the point?
    • He wanted her to eat the soup. According to an early draft, females had to eat human flesh before being bitten by a werewolf to become one.
    • Also, probably because he would have to explain where Grandmother was. Valerie came looking for her, believing her to be in danger, and if her father walked out of the bedroom and said 'sorry, she's not in' Valerie would have left to look for her before he could get her to sit down and listen.
  • If Cesaire had been locked up during the last appearance of the Wolf, how did he break out and then get back in without anyone noticing?
    • Well, since we never actually see WHERE they took him, it's entirely possible that they just beat him up and threw him in a spare room that would have been relatively easy to break out of without much effort or causing a lot of damage. It also probably helped that he seemed to be pretty drunk most of the time – they probably didn't think that he would be much of a threat so they didn't bother with making sure he was properly locked up.
    • The village prison, assuming that the cell Valerie is in is their only one, seems to be partially constructed of thin wooden spikes. His strength, when he stopped faking being a weak drunk, is enough even in human form to break a few of the bars and overpower any guard. That's if anyone even bothered to check on him; Solomon needed every one of his elite killers to watch Valerie.
  • The real question is, how did Peter break out of the Brazen Bull Elephant when he's not the wolf? It's a torture device, you would think it was designed to stand up to just about anybody trying to break out of it, so it comes across as the whole event happening just to be a cheap misdirection.
    • It's a heat torture device, so it probably wasn't designed to hold against someone in their right mind (not squirming in agony) and determined to leave. As long as it's heated, no one is going to be standing still long enough to break that door. They left him alone in there for a long time, without any fire, and that door would have to be damn tough to never break under consistent beating from the inside.
    • But it was on fire. Wasn't it? After all, when he meets Valeria again later he's wearing a glove on his hand, I thought it was implied he was burnt.
      • It wasn't on fire, they just threw him in it and left him there. He could be heard yelling for Valerie during the time she and Henry were running around. He had a glove over his hand (for an unrelated reason?), and Valerie jumped to the conclusion that it was burnt.
      • The door itself is two flimsy hinges (we see that one is broken) and a bolt that slides out easily. Solomon orders him to be locked into the elephant but doesn't order them to light it, and no one seems to think that's needed. The plan (for Solomon and co) was to wait until the moon came out (soon after the fire is lit), kill the wolf, kill Valerie and mop up any resistance later. They may even have known that Peter could escape the elephant if he kept hitting it long enough, but didn't think it mattered as they would be coming for him before he could break it. The derailing of their plan meant they didn't go back for Peter, so he escaped. As for the glove, it is possible the metal was still hot enough to burn bare skin but not kill him before he escaped (I'm not sure how long that big a hunk of metal would stay hot, and I guess they just leave it to cool when they're done with it, rather than actively cooling it) or he injured it breaking out.
  • So, how do Valerie's over-the-knee socks stay up? I didn't see any garters.
    • The same reason a girl's skirt can keep from flipping over and exposing her undies in other forms of fiction. Improbable clothing physics.
    • Possibly because they're ribbed, before the invention of elastic ribbing was often used in knitted clothing ether to make it more fitted or to help it stay where it was supposed to.
    • Knitted clothes stretch and have some elasticity. Depends on the actual yarn used.
    • They actually probably do have garters. However the garters of that time period would be made of either woven fabric ribbon, braided cord, or leather strips. The would be tied around the sock and then the sock would be folded over the garter. This method was actually used up until after the Victorian era.
  • Why is Valerie's mother the one to decide who to marry her off and not her father? It would be for him to decide as the head of the family.
    • The fact that he spent most of the film drunk out of his mind may have a little to do with it.
    • It is never stated who made the decision. Suzette clearly wants a 'better life' for her daughter (which is ironic, the woman who lost her own true love forcing her daughter to give up hers). The decision would actually have been Henry and HIS family to approach Valerie's family. Adrian would possibly have known that Lucie was his and that Henry loved Valerie. Suzette wants that better life. And, don't forget, Valerie's father is just waiting for that blood moon so he can turn his daughters and run off with them. The wedding isn't until after that date, so he probably agreed to anything to keep his wife happy, knowing that Valerie could soon be running off to the city with him.