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  • Sure, in First Blood Rambo was hungry the evening he broke out of Tiesel's Police Station as ran into the mountains, but why hunt and kill an Entire Boar just to sate that evening's hunger? When something smaller like a snake, fish or beaver would have been more practical? Especially considering he was on the run:
    • (1) The bones and guts of a boar would leave a LOT of evidence for expert trackers
    • (2) to say nothing of the easily trackable fire and smoke used to cook the darned thing
    • (3) He can't possibly eat ALL of it, much less carry leftovers which would have weighed him down.
    • (4) What he told Tiesel and Traumatman ("I just want something to eat) implied all he needed was a meal the equivalent of a sandwhich at a diner.
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    • (5) Which means the large-animal that he caught would have been a waste of his stamina considering that it was COLD, and it takes a LOT of stamina already to CATCH and KILL a boar, when the proteins you get in return does not come anywhere near what he has spent to catch and kill the beast.
    • (6) Therefore, why would he have wasted so much energy hunting an entire pig when he could have just caught a snake/frog/bird/beaver, gained and more importantly CONSERVED more of the much needed stamina he needed for the battle ahead, and not risk having to dispose of more trackable remains of his meal and make a giant "I'm right here" bonfire that allows him to be caught with?
    • (1) Rambo is an expert in guerrilla warfare. He knows how to hide the disposable parts of the boar.
    • (2) That's why he sets up the fire in a cave with enough ventilation. Harder to track.
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    • (3) He's not concerned about the rest of the boar. He's hungry.
    • (4) He hasn't eaten during his entire ordeal, and must be very hungry by then.
    • (5) An entire boar will give you a lot of proteins.
    • (6) A frog or a bird is just a snack, and not enough to feed a full-grown man. Maybe he couldn't find a snake, which wouldn't yield much meat, either. Beavers live in lakes, not hills. The boar was a relatively easy kill and could potentially keep him fed for days.

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