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Headscratchers / [REC]

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  • In the first film, someone mentions that they cannot get any cellphone, radio or television reception. However, the intern's television is tuned to some sort of program.
    • The reception on the TV is admittedly terrible and wouldn't even be worth watching. It also looked like it had the classic "bunny ears" receptors, which pick up signals quite easily. Cell phones are easier to jam.
  • How in the world did the virus spread from the Medeiros Girl to the dog? She was sealed up wasn't she? How did the dog get in there?
    • Father Albelda was experimenting with rats, according to The Other Wiki. One or two could have easily gotten out and infected the dog and/or Mrs. Izquierdo.
    • Rec 2 suggests that the virus could have been carried out of the penthouse by mosquitoes.
    • Alternatively, one of Mrs. Izquierdo's neglected cats (which we don't see in the movie) went near the penthouse's door and brought it downstairs.
      • Alternatively alternatively, one of the infected rats escaped, one of Mrs. Izquierdo's cats gets infected by eating it, the cat attacked the dog and Mrs. Izquierdo, and the rest is story.