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Headscratchers / Puppy Dog Pals

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  • What do Frank and Esther do for a living? They don't look old enough to be retired, but they're frequently taking day trips around the world (unknowingly facilitating the pups' globetrotting), often via airplane.
    • This is a show where two puppies can go to places around the world and get back on the same day. We don't need to know what their jobs are. We can just accept that they have enough to travel.
  • In "A Very Pug Christmas", Olivia was shown among the rest of Bob's pets in the beginning. However, her first official appearance was in the later episode "Fetch That Fish". Are the episodes out of order?
  • A.R.F. can clearly understand the speech of various animals. He also knows English. So why doesn't he translate animals' speech to humans? Also, how did he even get this feature?

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