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  • So I've heard from multiple sources that, when Kyousuke sees Sayaka as a rotten corpse, he freaks out and says "Shizuki is the only one I need!". While I agree that line is outright Character Derailment (and gives me a legitimate reason to actually hate the character), I can't seem to find any videos of him saying it.
    • He never says anything of the sort. Kyousuke does become frightened of Sayaka's decayed body, but all he really says (or rather, screams) is that Sayaka is a monster before running away in fear.
  • In the Bonus Extra Route, where Homura decides she's had enough of the melodrama and is just going to sort out all the stupid issues ASAP, there comes a point at the very end where despite making sure for optimal battle conditions, she realises that she hasn't let the girls fight as a team in this timeline and it's going to cost them the Walpurgisnacht battle and she's going to be forced to loop again - Why doesn't Homura just make sure to just do that one thing the next time around? She negotiates with Koyoko for the whole "hey, we're going to let you have all the grief seeds" treaty, and there are even scenes that Homura straight-up knows that Koyoko and the others will play nice so long as the treaty is upheld. Heck, if Homura REALLY wanted - although she'd probably have to be EXTREMELY pushed to make this choice, and maybe do a few loops worth of research first - there was a throwaway comment when Hitomi showed up at the magical girl meeting that they didn't know she was a magical girl. If push comes to shove Homura could easily pull a fast one and have Hitomi come out into the Walpurgisnacht Storm, so that SHE'S the one who enters a contract with Kyubi to defeat Walpurgisnacht and protect everyone as a Sixth Ranger magical girl (although Homura might just assume defeating Walpurgisnacht will automatically turn Hitomi into Kriemheild Gretchen 2: electric boogaloo or something). Unless maybe the Extra Bonus Route is the one that happens just before the Golden Ending?

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