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Headscratchers / Princess Debut

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  • So, right at the start, you trade places with a Princess, without really questioning it. Fine. But what about your parents? Their daughter is suddenly acting dramatically different, and has different eyes now. As is obvious from the start, you end up getting a prince, and stay in this other world...
    • Meaning your parents now have no daughter in their house. You've vanished completely. Why don't you care? Why don't you leave them, or your friend, a message?
    • Well, you do have the option to snub the prince's proposal and end up with his counterpart from your world instead, but that doesn't explain what happens when you do accept it...
    • Remember this one little moment as well. When you dance at the Saint-Lyon ball with either Claus or Tony and accept their proposals, they never find out you're not the real princess. So that means she's stuck in an unfamiliar world with no means to come back home. How's that a good thing?
      • It's a good thing because now the real princess never has to dance again. She ran away in the first place because she's a terrible dancer and didn't want to attend the ball, so now that she's no longer in her own world, she's no longer required to dance.
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  • So the Princess escaped and traded places because she hates dancing... or is it because she doesn't want to choose who she's gonna marry? Because it's a bit hard to see the Saint-Lyon ball as anything other that a way for a princess to choose her future husband...

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