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  • The end of the game reveals that Charlotte's bakery is only a short walk away from your prison cell. And Salvador got into the building you were stuck in. My question is, how did Salvador and Charlotte never meet? And if they did meet, why did Charlotte kill herself from loneliness, knowing that Salvador was going to free you?
    • Charlotte killed herself in the backroom, making it likely that she missed seeing Salvador approaching. I imagine she stayed in the backroom for awhile since there was nothing (pleasant) to look at out her window.
    • Charlotte never went outside her shop to prevent herself from being infected by the virus, and the door to her shop was closed. Usually when a shop's doors are closed, it means that it is either locked up for the day or abandoned entirely, so there would be no reason for Salvador to go looking inside a pastry shop for survivors, especially since he was so confused and distraught over what was going on already. He did say that he heard gramophone music as he entered the town, but that it stopped before he was able to get close enough to discern the source. Likewise, Charlotte had the thought of playing the gramophone again, but ultimately decided it was pointless. It's basically a tragic case of Missed Him by That Much.
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    • Who says she knew Salvador was going to free you?
    • If she was so full of faith that you would eventually make your way to the shop, like her suicide letter says, why did she kill herself? You'd assume she would have given up hope to kill herself.
    • She wasn't exactly full of faith. As she says in her last letter : "I have baked another cake for you. I'm not sure how fresh it will be when you find this, as for all I know, you never will". :/
  • This mentioned by Markiplier in his playthrough, but... who DOES put those letters under your door?
    • It could be something similar to a fax machine wired directly into the door, with a curved arc designed to simulate going under the door manually. It would also explain how Salvador sends letters faster than he walks to you, if it's something like a cell phone or a watch that you talk into. It additionally explains how Happy Buddy has two different fonts, if it runs off of vocal tone, with "Happy Buddy" font coming from trying to act happy with his daughters on the line, and "Mr. Smiley" font coming from a flat voice of being sick of the deception. When Charlotte kills herself, if it was a gunshot, it may have translated to blood on the paper as part of some customization options. If combined with a 3D printer or some such, it also explains how you get all those items. Take a picture, send it to the person, voila.
  • Why is the player character being virus-free and in prison common knowledge to everyone (Happy Buddy, sure, but who told the travelling guy and a random girl in a shop all about Dr. Money locking you up for some reason that probably turns out to be a lie at the end considering the endings)?
    • The others don't know if you are virus free or not. All they can do is hope that you are. As for being locked up, seeing as Salvador calls you a criminal, you were probably legitimately arrested for some crime, then secretly isolated and given the real cure.
      • If you decide to stay in the cell, Dr. Money references you knowing of your innocence. You're not guilty.

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