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  • Where the hell did Trent live while he was good and Anton was still Mesogog? He couldn't have lived at home, or he'd have died. He couldn't have lived with Tommy/the other Rangers, because that would have been mentioned. So where WAS he?
    • In a hotel room, paid for by the very wealthy Anton's credit cards.
    • As we saw in "Isn't It Lava-Ly", Mercer took an Invisi-Portal to Mesogog's lab when he felt the change coming. He probably does the same every time.
  • Now, I haven't seen this season for a while, but I remember that there was one line that really bugged me. During the Dino Thunder/Ninja Storm teamup, the Dino Thunder team is watching the possessed Wind Rangers on their screen. During this moment, one of them asks if it was possible for there to be evil Power Rangers. Um, hello, did you forget about your (fairly recent) battle with evil Trent? Heck, your mentor is the original evil Ranger! You would think that this brief moment of forgetfulness would be addressed, but they just look back at the screen and the episode goes on as normal.
    • Perhaps they meant Rangers who were evil of their own free will.
      • Oh, like the Titanium Ranger or the Thunder Rangers? (though perhaps they don't count either since they were lied to about the matter). With the special recap database, they should know all about at least one of these.
      • Also, don't forget the SPD A-squad rangers
      • SPD and on doesn't count, happening after Dino Thunder. Still, when HASN'T there been an evil ranger?
      • By "evil of their own free will", I think the second poster meant a group like the Psycho Rangers. Granted, the Psycho Rangers (as I recall) werent mentioned much in the Clip Show, so it would be plausible the Rangers forgot about them. Though that would be ridiculous, considering Psycho Pink killed the first Galaxy Pink Ranger (She got better, thankfully), but still.
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    • Having just watched this episode, I think the surprise was more about other Rangers than their evilness or lack of. Here's the line:
      Kira: Evil Power Rangers? Is that even possible?
      Trent: Yeah, I thought we were the only ones left.
  • On a more technical note, why is the first episode called "Day of the Dino", when it technically spans over two days? Shouldn't it be called Days of the Dino, or which day is it specifically addressing as that day of the dino?
    • Its a Shout-Out to the very first episode, "Day of the Dumpster".
  • Let's see, Evil White Ranger... nope, can't do anything, let's kill him! REALLY, Tommy? And WHO was evil THREE FREAKING TIMES? Seriously, this takes Out of Character to whole new levels...
    • He does soften his stance after Trent's Heel–Face Turn, and even tells Conner that they can't just destroy the brainwashed Wind Rangers during the Ninja Storm teamup.
      • Tommy's stance on Trent was always somewhat softened. He even mentioned his own experience with being evil and gave Trent the benefit of the doubt for far longer than the other three Rangers did, thinking it was more a case of Brainwashed and Crazy. When he finally does tell the Rangers to do whatever it takes about Trent, it stems from the fact that Trent is getting more and more out of control and has to be stopped for the greater good.
  • During the "Fighting Spirit" episode, Tommy has a Battle in the Center of the Mind against his former Ranger forms. However, there's one glaring problem: Tommy was, for the first half (or less) of the season, the Red Turbo Ranger, but he (Tommy) never fought it (his Turbo form). Why? Sure, his Dino Gem was split into three pieces and not four, but that could've been changed. This is exceptionally confusing when, during the Clip Show, Tommy was, in fact, shown as the first Red Turbo Ranger. So, again, what gives?
    • Off screen reasons? Probably due to being limited to a 20 minute time slot. The red, white and green rangers already had fairly short fights in the episode, throwing a fourth one in would have made their fights even shorter. Not to mention that three rangers allows them to tie it into a three act structure. Secondly, they probably felt that two red rangers was probably a little redundant. Third, they already had trouble acquiring the three suits for this episode, getting a fourth one would have been more trouble and cost more money. Fourth, of all the rangers powers Tommy has had, the red Turbo powers are the least iconic, largely because he was in Turbo for a relatively short period of time, so if any power had to be dropped, that one made the most sense. As for an onscreen reason, the most generally accepted theory is that having passed the red Turbo powers on to another person, Tommy no longer feels the burden of those powers.
  • Why was the Valkasaurus Megazord only used once and then never mentioned again? It was stronger than the Triceramax Megazord, for Zordon's sake! Plus, combining all the Zords (thus, giving a reason to have the core Rangers and the Sixth Ranger in one huge cockpit) became a staple for later seasons (except Mystic Force), so, what the hell?
    • I'm not intimately familar with Abaranger, but from what I understand, the White Ranger's counterpart (Abare Killer) was a villain for the majority of the season and only turned good near the end. So I assume the Valkasaurus Megazord's counterpart (Ooabaren Oh) wasn't used much, meaning there was very little footage of it to use in Dino Thunder.
  • Was the White Ranger Clone just the powers in a replica suit or a human clone of Trent permanently morphed? If so, doesn't that mean that Trent killed a human destroying him? It doesn't bug me THAT much as he's purely evil, having no elements of Trent's good side in him, but I'm surprised this isn't brought up.
    • My bet is on the former. Zeltrax created Evil White though the evil elements of the White Dino Gem (which were blasted out of Trent), cloning components from a fallen monster, and the Geno-Randomizer. By those points, Evil White is most likely just a monster elite that looks like the white ranger with pretty much the same powers as him (similar to Metal Sonic from Sonic the Hedgehog) who has a one on one with Trent in the end. Though, if you think about it, Disney most likely had to fix the plot holes, because the original show, Abaranger didn't have Abare Killer (Trent's Japanese counterpart) turn to the good side until the end. Thus, they had to find a way to get past continuity issues and created Evil White. I'm not sure they were thinking of a reason, and they were only trying to pick up the pieces so that Trent could be a proper 6th(?) Ranger that was a staple for Power Rangers.
  • Whatever happened to Conner's brother Eric? He never showed up in Dino Thunder and I don't remember Conner mention him after the clip show.
    • In the clip show, they were just making a reference to the fact that Connor's actor made a cameo as Eric in the finale of Ninja Storm. They didn't include any other mention of Eric because he was a one-off reference...
    • It was never brought up again because it wasn't relevant to anything happening in the season. The real question is why it wasn't mentioned the one time it might have been relevant, during the Ninja Storm team-up.
  • The White Ranger Clone was made because Abarekiller was an antagonist for most of Abaranger. Would it have really killed them to just keep Trent evil until close to the very end? Just seemed like a more simple solution.
    • Trent was basically brainwashed, whereas Mikoto was evil of his own free will - the clone was a lot less annoying in comparison to the alternative, which would be to keep Trent evil until near the end. By this point in Power Rangers, the Sixth Ranger would usually join several episodes after his debut if he wasn't friendly at the start.
  • I understand when Tommy says "You didn't choose the Dino Gems, they chose you." What I don't understand is why an evil Gem would choose a kind-hearted person like Trent. Was the Gem evil to start with, or did Mesogog put an evil spell over it, which in turn turned Trent evil?
  • After Trent does a Heel–Face Turn, when the Rangers discover the White Ranger Clone and the White Terrorsaurus are one and the same, Conner says he "knew it" and that Trent shouldn't have been there. What exactly did he "know" that he blamed Trent for?
  • During the dilemma against how to fight Tutenhawken, a few things came to my mind: Tommy was able to pilot the Dino Stegazord and the Mezodon Megazord on some occasions; on one occasion, all three Rangers piloted the Mezodon Megazord; and during the finale, Ethan was able to pilot the Mezodon Megazord by himself. So why couldn't Ethan use the Pterazord or the Dragozord to fight Tutenhawken?
  • After Kira gets mind-controlled by Fossilador, Tommy explains to Connor and Ethan that the aforementioned MOTW is the result of Mercer and himself attempting to create a creature with mind-control abilities, but ultimately scrapping it when they couldn't fully control it. The obvious question here is, why would Tommy knowingly be involved in creating such a creature given his own history as a Ranger having seen his teammates and himself get mind-controlled by villains on multiple occasions?
  • Why did Hayley never get in the opening of PRDT? She was in nearly every episode, and she was awesome. Meanwhile, the stupid truck that we only see once, in the next-to-last episode, gets a lot of screentime in the opening titles.
    • Her contract? Or maybe she requested not to?
    • It could actually be a reflection of her character. She's a powerful figure, but safest away from the spotlight.
  • Tommy being the black Dino Thunder Ranger had several references to his original Green Ranger position. He had a pointy gold shield (though only on his shoulders this time), he had more gold to his costume, and he was the first Ranger added to the team (after being the first Ranger added to ANY team). Heck, the key for the morpher even mirrors his last powers, the Turbo powers. But one thing bugs me. In Abaranger, the key to Abareblack's henshin device was a harmonica. A musical instrument. The Green Ranger's Dragon Dagger was a flute. A musical instrument. Why couldn't they use that as a reference? Maybe just a quick scene at the end of an episode where he pulls out the key and plays a Dragonzord song on it?
    • That would have been cool. Although, I'm not sure that Disney actually had the rights to the original Dragonzord tune, as evidenced by...whatever that was that played in Tommy's battle with the Green Ranger. Even so, just playing anything on it would have been nice.
  • What exactly made the Ninja Storm Team lose their Ranger powers after the battle? It is suddenly revealed that there was only enough juice for one last morph in the crossover epilogue. Lothor may have gotten himself extracted but it was the Samurai Amulet that actually did the power stealing, which itself seemed rather out of nowhere. In the finale of Ninja Storm, it simply had the misfortune of being blasted into the Abyss of Evil alongside Lothor by the Wind Rangers' ninja powers, in which Cam noticed in the crossover and in turn, risked his and the Thunder Rangers' necks to retrieve the Samurai Amulet in the Abyss of Evil. Sure enough, they manage to get their Ranger powers back and save the Wind Rangers. The power draining from the Samurai Amulet itself to open the Abyss of Evil happened before it was used to steal the Wind and Thunder Ranger powers, so by that logic that reason above should have only applied to Cam. If anything, either only Cam loses his powers because of a valid reason (Samurai Amulet being used to open the Abyss of Evil so it was running on fumes in turn.) or stealing the other powers should have recharged the thing while it was chilling in the Abyss of Evil. I know the executives were trying to dance around the Superman Stays Out of Gotham trope outside of crossovers but the track record when it comes to writing previous Ranger teams out hasn't exactly been the best...

     Last Episode Deus Ex Machina Quiz  
  • The normal Megazords aren't defeating the last Monster of the Week, so what do they do?
    1) Summon one of the Super Megazords which they had used previously, but hadn't used against this one (hey, they could choose between the Triceramax or the Valkasaurus, and actually be able to use all the zords for both of them.
    2) Have all the Zords fire a combined blast to destroy the monster.
    3) Kamikaze the Zords, even though they are still capable of fighting.
    4) Keep fighting using different finishing moves something will to stick eventually.
    • Answer: 2, then 3 even though 1 makes the most sense
Worst thing after the first Deus Ex Machina the monster starts to die, but then they play the footage backwards to give it a justification for another one. Which itself is the biggest Ass Pull of the episode in an episode full of the stuff.
  • I'm about to make it worse: Where the heck was the Dragozord? Trent should have been able to handle those Triptoids by himself...
  • After defeating the last MOTW (previous question) the Big Bad shows up and changes into another MOTW after a battle the big bad is hit with the Battlizer's laser cannons, he comes out from behind the rubble and...
    1) Say this isn't over, before being finished off with the All Their Colors Combined weapon.
    2) Have him fall over and die.
    3) Have the Rangers use their powers to summon a glowing energy dino to kill the big bad.
    4) Split into multiple copies to give you a justification for another Deus Ex Machina.
    • Answer: 4, then 3
      • In the defense of 3, the Rangers had been seen using their Dino Gems in the comic book episode where they used a dinogem strike to destroy a monster. I assume it works on the same principle, only much stronger.
      • Forgot about that, but they only used it in the comic book. Where less than a minute earlier, Trent had his claws extend to a length greater than his height. Even then, it screams of a type 3 Deus ex Machina (it was episode 34 of 38).
  • Since the show is over, we need a reason for the Rangers to retire. Do you...
    1) Have the energy drained from the Dino Gems because of the ridiculous Deus Ex Machina you already pulled.
    2) Have the Rangers realize there is no need to remain active and simply stop using their powers, but they still have them.
    3) Have Tommy collect the Dino Morphers.
    4) Have the Big Bad destroy the morphers and the heroes never rebuild them because there is no need (they defeat the Big Bad in an epic unmorphed battle).
    • Answer: 1
Again, is it so hard to believe that tiny crystallized rocks might eventually run out of power? (Though how does that work anyways?)
  • Yes, it is impossible for the gems to have that much power anyway so them running out of power (unless they were directly converting mass into energy but it doesn't) immediately after that stunt is extremely improbable, and you can ask the audience to believe the impossible, but not the improbable.
  • Apparently, this ending was a heavy case of Executive Meddling, making much of it as (that's right) a Stupid Sacrifice.
  • Also, the sacrificing the Zords thing was due to the original Japanese footage having the Big Bad pull a Taking You with Me. Why they just didn't do that again also falls in here.


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