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Headscratchers / Pop Team Epic

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  • Why are the DVD covers based on Die Hard posters? That's a strange reference to make, even for a series like Pop Team Epic.
  • Are we getting a Season 2 or not? The end of Episode 12 said that there would be a Season 2, and the series is doing successful enough to possibly get a second season. Yet at the same time, Okawa Bkub has been treating Episode 12 as the final episode, and one of the producers said in an interview from a month ago that they aren't doing a second season. Is a second season being made or not?
    • This is Pop Team Epic, they'll mess with our heads long enough to make us distracted in what will happen next.
    • They're probably gauging interest because the same director said this entire project was both risky and ambitious, so maybe if the sales are good.
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    • That Season 2 announcement is for Hoshiiro know, the fake, nonexistent anime. It's safe to say currently there isn't any plan to make one for Pop Team Epic.
      • But at the same time, the Pop Team Epic pop up shop has made a poster for a second season of the show. And I'm not sure whether or not this poster is a joke.
      • That possibly just means a second run of the pop up shop. Remember, the manga volumes are referred to as 'seasons' as well.
  • What were Popuko and Pipimi eating in the end credits?
    • Baked sweet potatoes.

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