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Headscratchers / Pom Gets Wi Fi

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  • How long has the original Dog been around? Has he always been there before Pom came along?
  • Was everything that Pom did done for her and her desire to obtain Wi-Fi? When following Crest and trying to get pictures for Bernard, there's an option to take pictures as Pom. She even says that she should be taking pictures, but is it possible to not take them.
  • How can dogs eat chocolate? Obviously, since they're in Doggy Heaven, they can't possible die.
  • If Dog is supposed to be an omnipotent being, then why didn't he try stopping Pom? Or is he not omnipotent like God?
    • That's actually explained in the good ending. Goldie and Chi describe him as an egotist and snooty. He probably didn't think much of her.