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Headscratchers / Planet of the Apes (1968)

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  • Heston breaks down at the sight of the Statue of Liberty nearly covered up in sand, screaming that humans blew up the world. He seems to mean atomic war. But the Statue is apparently intact. This in no way suggests nuclear war, or any kind of war.

  • Where the hell did the apes get pressurized water for the hose they used on Taylor? And how did they manufacture the hose? Seems a bit advanced for their society, which might be equivalent to a few decades before the Industrial Revolution. The hose could have been salvaged from the ruins of a nearby city, but after 700 years, I'm not so sure it would be anywhere near usable.
  • Humans had comparable fire-hoses a few decades before their industrial revolution, but if we're already granting license for semiautomatic rifles (a late 19th/early 20th century innovation), we should probably let this one slide, too.
    • They had cameras, too. Although they were more like 1930s era cameras insead of contemporary 1960s style.

  • Wouldn't the fact that the apes speak english, be enough of a clue that it was earth?

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