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  • Amanda. Just... Does Shorty not watch the footage of his own show? You would think that would've tipped him off that she wasn't right for the job before the Vegas incident.
    • He probably just thought she was still new and was still learning the ins-and-outs of the job. But, even still, you'd think that maybe he'd at the very least tell her if she was screwing up. Though, considering that we are talking about a reality TV show, it's possible that he has chewed her out for her incompetence beforehand but only the really entertaining one was kept for the final edit.
  • The fact that Shorty cares about his dogs more than his employees. Think about it for a second. Yes, he takes care of pit bulls. But honestly, if something were to ever happen to his employees in an incident with one of the pitbulls, would he really just sit back and let them be attacked and killed? After all, he sorta also mistreats his employees, choosing some "questionable" jobs for them.
    • I doubt he would let a person be killed by a dog. For one thing, then he would be held responsible and would go to prison (Which, I doubt he'd want to go through again). And, second, if a pit bull were to kill one of his employees, it would only serve to further enforce the rumor that pit bulls are a vicious breed of dog. Shorty's a jerk, but he's not heartless.
  • First the situation with Amanda, and now the situation with Seb and working extra jobs to pay for his hearing aids. Again, doesn't Shorty watch his own show? Or when Seb's phone was ringing — the camera crew was clearly there filming; why didn't one of them let him know he was getting a call?
    • To answer both questions, it's a docudrama. The stuff you see on the show really happened, it's just re-enacted on camera.

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