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The exact route between home and work in "Car Share"

Watching Peter Kay's new sitcom "Car Share", where two ill-assorted people are forced to share a car-pool arrangement to work every day. There's a major continuity glitch (I live in the city where the show was filmed) where live-action filming of the two people in the car, and the necessary limitations of repeat takes and editing, means their progression along familiar streets in the city of Manchester, England, is utterly bizarre. The action is meant to be a seamless whole between pick-up and arrival at work, and the show is live-filmed via camera in the car. But to somebody watching who knows the streets and the main roads (I accept I have privileged local knowledge here)the route they take is apparently crazy. It doubles back on itself, meanders over the entire city, jumps whole districts of the city between scenes in a way suggesting the car is a random time/space machine, and makes no sense at all. Is there a continuity trope that would describe this? And I do accept the vast majority of viewers wouldn't notice and would see only two people interacting in a car. so maybe my local knowledge is making me extremely picky here. Of course, could just be Rule of Funny...


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