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Headscratchers / PaRappa the Rapper

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  • Since the flower is the reproductive part of a plant, what does that say about Sunny Funny's face?
    • Whatever is says, it probably couldn't be as bad as what that says about her crotch.
      • Probably nothing. I prefer to think she has anthro anatomy, but the visual flower (without the reproductive aspect) is still her head so it doesn't look weird.
  • Why would Lammy go to Hell when she dies? She seemed like a nice girl.
  • What's with the arrows pointing at Ma-San's ears when she yawns?
    • I think that's to direct your attention to her during the song.
  • Why does PaRappa have a picture of a frog on his beanie? Seriously, I always wondered about that even as a kid.
    • I don't know... Maybe because he likes frogs ? Maybe because he didn't gave a single shit when he bought his beanie ? Or maybe he thought that he would have such a style with that beanie ?
    • It could be an in-universe brand logo.
    • Maybe the frog is a celebrity universe, and someone Parappa is a fan of.