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Headscratchers / Panic! at the Disco

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  • When the song I Write Sins Not Tragedies is played on certain radio stations, why do they bleep out the 'God' and not the 'damn'?
    • I've seen them censor the 'hole' in asshole, and I think I remember one song having the 'head' taken out of 'sh*thead' so I'm going to have to blame the censors for just being stupid.
      • They probably see it as a compromise - allowing the less offensive swear to be heard. This doesn't stop if from being stupid but it could explain their thinking.
    • Perhaps it is due to some belief that straight cursing is less objectionable than blaspheming against someone's deity. The Moral Guardians move in confusing ways.
      • Exactly. Goddamn is considered more offensive than plain ol' damn. Go find some conservative christians and ask them.
      • Which really doesn't make any sense, if you think about it. Damn means, technically speaking, "Send it to hell for all eternity." Obviously, God is the one who would do that. If anything, using damn instead of goddamn is offensive, because it's implying that someone else has the power to damn things.
      • It does make sense to those christians who consider saying God damn to be taking the lord's name in vain, which I don't think it is. I am not one of those people.
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    • In addition to most of the above, also consider the fact that the song (and music video) is about and set during a wedding. It may be because some consider it blasphemous to say God's name in a church.
    • One radio station just plain out edited the whole "goddamn" thing out and left it with "Closing the DOOR."
    • The real question is, why do they bleep out "goddamn" (a relatively minor swearword) but DON'T bleep out "whore"?
      • Well, there's a Biblical figure called the Whore of Babylon... So if that word's in the Book of Revelation, it's okay on the radio? Maybe?

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