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Headscratchers / Overdrawn at the Memory Bank

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    Saving "Saving Private Ryan" 
So, if "cinemas" are banned, why on God's Green Acres would the Evil Fat Chairman keep them in storage on his servers? Sure, he thought they were secure (although no online electronic storage system truly is even these days), but that's not the point; the point is that no one was supposedly using them, no one was SUPPOSED TO BE using them, so what's the point of keeping them? Why not just delete the video files altogether?

    Possession Is Nine Tenths Of Doppling 
When a person dopples into another body, who exactly is in control of the body, the doppler or the original mind? The film seems to imply both at different times:

  1. When, as Daisy the baboon, Fingal is trying to do cartwheels, he is clearly in control of the body, as he "can't get the hang of it."
  2. Yet later, when Daisy is getting drunk on overripe fruit, Fingal implores her to stop moving because it's making him sick.

Maybe the truth is somewhere in the middle? Or did the writers just not really think it through?


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