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  • Why, in a future with FTL travel and other very high tech gear, why did no one think to bring some kind of equipment for performing artificial insemination and the like. Would have been a good idea, considering how there is currently problems with low birth rates. Come to think of it, why can't they just grow babies in tubes by this point?
    • The writers really, really, okay-at-this-point-it's-getting-ridiculous liked Battlestar Galactica? Could be they made a hasty departure from Earth/were forced on the run, and didn't have time to bring the baby-making tubes.
      • There's no proof of FTL travel's existence, and the tech level actually seems little different to the tech level on Earth currently to this troper.
      • No, there's got to be some form of functional FTL travel. In the first episode CT-9's been in transit for five years, Forthaven was established five years before that. At sublight speeds five years could pass on CT-9, but decades to centuries outside it... but the timeline doesn't allow for it.
      • There's no evidence of FTL, but it's possible the ship was travelling at light-speed or near to it to the nearest star (4 light years away, if memory serves).

  • Come to think of it, who names an interstellar starship CT-9? You'd think at least the crew would have come up with something, even if it was derisive. "The Iron Lady," anyone?
    • It's simple, really, Colony Transport Number 9. And it probably did have a nickname used by the crew, but we never see any besides the Captain who uses the official designation because he's making formal contact.

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