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Even if this is a show for preschoolers, and is actually more grounded in reality than its contemporaries like Blue's Clues and Dora the Explorer, alot of practical questions still come up.

  • Does Oswald have a job? He seems to be well-off with a nice apartment, and is never short on money. For that matter, what do Henry and Daisy do for a living? Are they all on Social Security?
  • What exactly is the economy of Big City like? Every time a character pays for something, they pay what appears to be a single quarter. If everything costs a quarter in Big City, that must be one strong economy with a metric ton of competition keeping the price on, well, everything down. Which probably would explain how Oswald and co., who seem to lack jobs, can afford everything since there's most likely enough tax surplus for a really good Social Security program, but still.
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  • In one episode, Oswald buys and plants some tomato plants. Each plant grows a single tomato every night. What kind of breakthrough in agricultural science created such a super-plant? And for that matter, what does the agricultural industry in the Oswald universe look like?
  • How does Johnny Snowman not melt? Big City seems to be sub-tropical, so how is it he can keep himself together? Is he made of permafrost or something?
  • In "The Stopped Clock", Oswald outright steals a fire truck. Granted, it was for a very good reason, and nobody was really awake to see him commit grand theft fire truck, but how was he able to get away with it? Not even Henry and Daisy, the only other people who were awake at the time, call him out on it.
    • On a related note, everyone in Big City, besides Oswald, Henry, Daisy, and Weenie, was still asleep due to Big Alarm Clock, the town's clocktower, not going off due to various mechanical issues. What idiot would allow a clock tower to decide when to wake up, let alone an entire city?!

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