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Headscratchers / Onmyōji

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For the 2017 smartphone RPG

Since the game's main storyline is as of yet incomplete, there are many questions that beg to be answered.
  • What exactly caused Seimei's amnesia? The narrative does not make it clear whether it was the "soul-splitting sin" or otherwise.
  • What exactly caused Kagura's amnesia?
    • Revealed: she's not Hiromasa's sister Kagura. Kagura was sacrificed to Orochi by Yorimitsu; the girl we play as is a shard of Orochi's soul imprinted with Kagura's appearance and personality but not memories.
  • Where did Seimei's father, known as Abe no Yasuna in history, go? What is the decision behind not having him in the game adaptation?
  • Where did Kagura's Healing Factor come from and why doesn't her brother Hiromasa have it?
    • Her being chosen as the Sacrificial Miko probably has something to do with it, seeing as she must live and protect the Kusanagi until Yamata-no-orochi is successfully defeated.
    • To be precise, it's most likely because she's a shard of Orochi's soul, rather than a human, and his existence sustains her.
  • In that case, how is she still alive after chapter 26?
  • In Shiromujō's autobiography, it is revealed that one must give up their memory before becoming an Afterworld official, so why was Kuromujō allowed to keep his memory?
  • Why did Yaobikuni choose to work for Yamata-no-orochi in the first place? And what is going to become of her should Yamata-no-orochi be slain?
  • Why did the high heavens decide to kill Tamamo no Mae's wife after she bore him children? Why didn't they do it after she had sex?
    • Didn't want to kill a pregnant woman?
  • Why isn't Hakutaku released in the Hozuki's Coolheadedness crossover events?
    • Presumably they wanted one SSR, 1 SR and one R. Hozuki had to be the SSR, but making Hakutaku either an SR (a supporting character, which ended up being Oko) or an R (a very minor character, which was Maki & Karashi) didn't feel right.