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  • In Season 4, Nathan and Haley have no health insurance. And yet the girl's walking around wearing Uggs. And they sure didn't look fake.
    • Haley could have just been given them as a present by someone.
  • It could be argued, what exactly does Haley even see in Nathan? He repeatedly acts downright neglectful of both her and Jamie in his vain attempts to relieve his sporting glory days... seriously? You have a beautiful wife and a great kid, and you think Basketball is the only thing to make you happy... what the hell, man? Its remarkable she didn't leave him a long time ago.
    • It was that basketball was taken away from him, nothing else. When he retires from the sport at the start of Season 8, he's a lot happier since it's his decision. As far as being neglectful, he's only negligent when he's in the midst of his depression. When he snaps out of it, he's not trying to make a comeback, he's simply trying to walk again. It's only after Jamie is nearly kidnapped by Nanny Carrie that he even considers making a comeback, and that's with Haley's support.
  • Why does everyone refer to Lucas's first book as a novel? He used his life story and didn't even change any names. Shouldn't it be called a memoir or autobiography?
    • It would appear to be a dramatised version of their lives.
  • Jamie is born the day of the group's high school graduation, which would put it in early June. Yet when they celebrate his fifth birthday in season five, it occurs during basketball season, which runs from November to March.
    • Lampshaded in 7x12 when someone asks when Jamie's birthday is, and his response is "June, maybe. It keeps changing."
  • The entire timeline of the the show.
    • Here it is: Seasons 1 through 4 take place in the span of 2 years, each season corresponding to roughly half a year. Season 5 takes place 4 years and 6 months (and 2 days) after the end of Season 4. Now, knowing that Season 7 starts on Jamie's 7th birthday AND that the Season 6 finale took place 14 months prior, we can work backwards and it turns out that Seasons 5 and 6 take place in a span of sixteen months. It only gets weird around Season 7 and 8 simply because we don't know how much time passes in Season 7. Season 8 spans roughly eighteen months (assuming a normal nine-month pregnancy period for both Haley and Brooke). Getting around to Season 9, the only real time marker there is the series finale which mentions Tric's 10th anniversary, which opened a little over a year before Jamie was born, making the entire series (minus the last-minute time jump) span the course of just over 10 years. WITH the time jump, that number goes up to at least 15.
  • How the hell is Dan not banned from the Tree Hill High campus after he's released from prison? In season six, he starts showing up to drop off and pick up Jamie like it's no problem. He murdered someone in the school! Even if he's been released from prison, he has no right to be there.
    • He's only ever there after the school day is finished, and he didn't physically harm any of the students when he shot Keith. If he was banned, he'll have been banned from any school events (Such as Ravens games), and it should be noted that Haley was a teacher at the school at the time - she likely requested Dan be allowed on campus, if only to collect/leave Jamie.
  • In Season 7 when Renee accuses Nathan of sleeping with her and getting her pregnant why doesn't Nathan just ask for a paternity test? He knows he didn't do it so surely the easiest way to prove that is by a paternity test.
    • Prenatal paternity tests run the risk of inducing a miscarriage.
  • Is underage drinking just not a crime in Tree Hill? There have been plenty of times during the characters' teen years that they've been busted, even by the cops, with alcohol and yet they don't get as much as a slap on the wrist.


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