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Headscratchers / On Her Majesty's Secret Service

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  • What makes Bond think that Tracy is attempting suicide in the beginning? She just takes her shoes off and walks into the ocean. Maybe she likes the ocean. It's not as if she's poised at the edge of a rooftop or something.
    • A case of "better safe then sorry" maybe?
    • She was wearing a very expensive dress (which was ultimately ruined by the water and sand at the end of the filming period). If she were just going swimming, she'd probably remove it beforehand. Since she doesn't, it was evident that she didn't care, since she wouldn't be needing it for much longer.
  • When Bond and Tracy escape from Blofeld's mooks by car, Bond says he needs to get to the nearest post office to contact London and Tracy responds with "Feldkirch"... Feldkirch is in Austria, several hours away from both St. Moritz (where the Swiss scenes are set in the book) and Lauterbrunnen (where the Swiss scenes are mostly shot in the movie). Surely the nearest post office is closer than an entire country away.
    • She probably doesn't go to a lot of post offices personally so she thought of the one that she once went too with her father. Or she isn't thinking straight.
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  • Why does anyone think that granting Blofeld amnesty is a big deal? It's not like there's some law of physics that prevents you from hunting him down after he gets amnesty; all you have to do is go back on your word. No one's gonna blame you for killing a megalomaniac who could clearly poses a threat to all life on earth. You don't even have to break your word publicly; just send in some covert agents to track him down and kill him, and then pretend you knew nothing about it. Make it look like he got killed by fellow criminals or something. Who cares? Blofeld should know that an official grant of amnesty won't actually protect him that much. And if he's just in it for his pride or the publicity or something, fine, but even then M should tell Bond something to the effect of "Don't worry about this amnesty thing; we'll kill him sooner or later regardless."
  • Since Bond's Aston — a DBS this time — is evidently a 'company car', how come it doesn't have bullet-proof glass like the DB5 in Goldfinger?
    • Budget cuts