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Headscratchers / Narcos

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  • So despite having found a listening device in his car and knowing that he's suspected of hiding Elisa Alvarez, Murphy still thinks it's okay to mention her by name over his office phone?
  • How does Murphy despite spending over a decade in the country, not speak or read a word of Spanish and rely on Peña or locals to translate? It seems like an extremly unjustifiably handicap to not learn.
  • Why would La Quica be given a bail at any price? As a foreign national charged with multiple homicide (one of them a federal agent) the attempted murder of a second federal agent, and with the second agent being a witness to his crimes, shouldn’t he be considered too high a flight risk?
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  • If Columbia's Minister of Defense was leaking the DEA's intelligence to the Cali Cartel, why didn't he warn Miguel about the first raid?

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