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Headscratchers / Nana's Everyday Life

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  • Wait a minute, isn't she supposed to be some kind of killer psychic thingey-hoozit...? You'd think that'd come in handy at some point. Eh, chalk it up to Alternate Continuity.
    • You're thinking Lucy.
      • This. Nana does have that power, yes, but Elfen Lied has shown that she's too child-like, submissive and fettered to use it, even to defend herself. The only time she used it in-series for something useful was when she was fighting Lucy (as far as I can remember, it's been forever since I've watched Elfen Lied)
  • If she resurrected the kitten at the end as Tropers claim, why is she explicitly shown to have finished digging the grave and filled it back in (with the dirt piling higher than ground level) in comic 76, with the grave still filled in by comic 77? There's no reason to believe, with this comic's tone, that the kitten was resurrected and the flowers were done by her. If anything, it seems likely it's an entirely different kitten some period of time later.
    • Another kitten also missing an ear? The same ear?
    • Because it's perfectly rational for an amputee orphan dying in an ally to spawn dozens of flowers and resurrect a cat after she dies, but not for her to displace some dirt.
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  • My impression was always that Nana's death at the end crossed *some* sort of cosmic line, something so terribly sad that the universe itself could not bear it. The kitty and the flowers are "cosmic backlash"; an inadequate attempt to balance the scales.


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