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Headscratchers / NEEDLESS

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  • Why exactly was Cruz left behind when Blade and co. decided to go to the city? To date he's been one of the most valuable members of the group and several times has been the reason that they survived a fight.
    • Explained in Chapter 99
  • Prior to the events of the manga, if the leader of the resistance group knew that the information was suspect and that Aruka was probably a traitor then why did he go along with it? What was stopping him from quietly telling a few of the his subordinates the truth?
  • Why did the leader of the resistance give Cruz the information? If he was expecting to die and wanted to keep it out of Aruka's why didn't he just smash it? He couldn't have expected Cruz to have any use for it.
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  • What the hell was up with the cat-worm in the anime? (You know, the one that came out of Eve's ear as she was asleep, I would state the episode number but I don't remember which episode it was)
  • Why in the world is Uten considered a Missing Link (in the manga) when in both the manga and anime his power is merely being able to turn things invisible? Seems a bit of a weak ability when compared to the likes of psychokinesis and temperature manipulation.

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