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Headscratchers / My Name Is Khan

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  • If Khan had an aversion to the colour yellow, and if he used a camcorder as a coping method to prevent himself from going into a meltdown... why didn't he set the camcorder to monochrome?
  • I know it's a Bollywood movie and made for Hindi/Urdu speakers, and I know it was an emotional moment, but you'd think someone in the church in Georgia would've asked Khan to tell his life story in English instead of Urdu. (And no, it can't be Translation Convention; there's one later scene where a character speaking English is audibly overdubbed with an Urdu voiceover.)
  • If Khan can just walk right through a hurricane to get to the church with absolutely no problems, why didn't everyone just walk out of the hurricane?
    • Also, the town in general. Despite living in the Deep South with some seclusion from the outside world, they are shockingly tolerant of Khan's faith, especially when contrasted with the reactions of almost everyone else around the nation.
  • Why does no one care or notice the obvious signs that he is autistic? At all? Oh right, because they HATE MUSLIMS SO MUCH GRRR.
    • Hate isn't logical. I thought that was one of the points of the movie.
  • What is with all of the subplots that go nowhere and mean nothing. "Family around dinner table explains obvious plot developments to audience, then disappear after two scenes" and "Guy learns to yell at mean white people" are just two examples.
    • A lot of Hindi movies have to translate important plot developments that have been introduced in English to the Hindi speaking audience. A lot of times, they character will just say the same things twice. Once in English and then in Hindi. In this case, they couldn't have the character speak in Hindi because he was speaking to an English-only audience. They used the "family around the table" to do the translation.


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