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Headscratchers / Monet St. Croix

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  • Why can't Marvel decide on Monet's race? Her creator, Scott Lobdell has stated she's black. But there were times in Generation X where that didn't seem to be the case. X-Factor took it further and just made Monet a white, or tan European-looking. PAD mentioned getting many complaints from fans asking why Monet was white all of a sudden. In response, he had the colorists gradually darken her again, but she could still be rather ambiguous looking. Then she went back to a tan complexion, before going white again until 2015. Then later that year, she appeared in Bunn's Uncanny X-Men where she once again had a brown complexion. She's been consistently brown in major depictions since then. But come on, make up your mind Marvel. Is Monet black, multi-racial, or white? Her creator says the first. But Marvel has bounced around with her. She can go from brown & black in chapters & covers to white the next instant. Is race-changing another of her powers?

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